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Oliver stepped away from his list of names to help Laurel in "Betrayal," while also facing off against a new villain. But that was a breeze compared to his confrontation with a newly discovered villain from his own home. 

Below, our Arrow Round Table - comprised of TV Fanatic staff members Carla Day, Kate Brooks and Carissa Pavlica, along with Laurel Brown from BuddyTV - discuss "Betrayal" and speculate about what's next. Jump on in and join the conversation!


What was your favorite moment?
Laurel: So much good to choose from! But my absolute favorite moment was probably right at the end when Oliver makes the decision to go after his mother. It was such a hard choice -- and then such a grand entrance!

Kate: Watching Laurel kick ass! I love a strong female character on TV that can stand her ground and kick ass all on her own! 

Carissa: Definitely Arrow bursting through the window into Moira's office. I can't wait to see where that goes. A close second was seeing how well Laurel took care of herself with the baddies. She kicked some ass! Black Canary anyone? 

Carla: There were several, but none beat out Oliver confronting his mother as Arrow. It was grandiose, tragic, and then heartening when Moira mention her children. It was so unexpected, though a smart move to not tip his hand as Oliver.

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Rate Cyrus Vanus as a villain? Do you want to see him back again?
Laurel: I liked him. It was especially cool that he actually appreciated the Hood as a worthy adversary and the person who needed to be taken down if anyone wanted to gain control of the city. Most of the other criminals have simply reacted to the vigilante's presence. As for wanting him back -- of course! How could I not want David Anders playing a bad guy?

Kate: I could really care less to be honest. Throw any villain Arrow's way, he's ready...

Carissa: A total waste. David Anders has everything and more to give to Arrow, but they didn't use what he had to give. If he did give it, what he gave ended up on the cutting room floor. What a total disappointment. I wouldn't want him back, for his sake. 

Carla: I wish Arrow would slow down the one-and-done format. I love David Anders and Cyrus would have been a great adversary to keep out there in Starling City for Arrow to face again. Instead of being arrested, why couldn't he have escaped to wreak more havoc? 

Where you surprised Oliver went after his mother, "Moira Queen -- you have failed this city!"? What will he do next?
Laurel: Oliver had to. It's not like he hasn't been damaged and betrayed before -- this is just one more in a long line of people he loves who are lying to him (see the scene with Tommy for the thematic irony on this). Still, this is the kind of thing that could break Oliver even more. And he doesn't have a lot left to break. Will he be able to trust everyone when the person he has always loved betrays him? Because it's Moira, Oliver might let her talk her way out of it again. Also, considering what photos for the next episode show, Oliver's hesitation when faced with his mother may prove dangerous. Or deadly.

: Yes! I loved this scene too! She needs to be scared and it took a lot of courage for Oliver to stand up to his mother. I think he will just scare her and maybe keep coming back.

Carissa: I don't know that I was surprised. After Diggle reminded him of the lessons he was taught only weeks ago, Oliver had to do something. It was easier to go in under the cover of The Hood than to question Moira as her son. He wouldn't get the truth he desperately needs if he asks as himself. It could be to protect him or to lie to him, but he must have been unwilling to take the chance. Of course, she could tell untruths to anyone...

Carla: I didn't expect Arrow busting through the window to question her. I thought he would ponder the situation and then talk to her as Oliver. This was a much better solution as he hide his awareness of her betrayal from his mother, but it also helps hide his identity as Arrow if Moira tells others.
Flashback: Are there really two Deathstrokes, like the two sides of the mask?
Laurel: That was a cool reveal. It does look like Deathstroke is an alter-ego that applies to two people at once. I'm not sure it's a two sides thing though -- good and evil. After all, Slade and his partner were originally both good guys. Yao Fei was originally good (and might still be). I'm mostly wondering if Oliver is going to become "Deathstroke." It might explain his strange and creepy connection to the Russian mafia.

: Yes and no. I want to believe it's two different people but at the same time I think that maybe instead of it being two different people maybe he has a split personality and in his mind he isn't Deathstroke.

Carissa: I really don't know, but I'm sure we'll find out!

Carla: It's intriguing for sure. If there are two Deathstrokes, that would create confusion. Good or evil, it's another reminder that it was dangerous for Oliver to trust anyone on the island.
Everyone is lying to Tommy. Will he turn to the dark side?
Laurel: I both hope Tommy will go dark and hope he can stay a good guy. This is one of my favorite characters, and I want to see more for him. My biggest worry is that Tommy will go the route of Harry Osborne in Spider-Man and turn evil at the death of a father. Malcolm doesn't deserve that kind of honor. I think he'll have to. It's a classic comic move for the best friend to turn against the hero, and that conflict is missing with Oliver and Tommy. It will get really interesting when they are both hiding from each other and attempting to be friends without the masks (should Tommy choose to wear one!). If Tommy has to go bad in any way, I kind of hope that he'll do it by killing his own father to save Oliver or something like that. Then the guilt (and the suddenly renewed access to all that money) could take Tommy slowly dark.

: At the moment, Tommy is too much of a softy (that's my nice word) to even think about being evil. Maybe in the future it'll be "like father, like son" sort of thing. 

: I think he'll have to. It's a classic comic move for the best friend to turn against the hero, and that conflict is missing with Oliver and Tommy. It will get really interesting when they are both hiding from each other and attempting to be friends without the masks (should Tommy choose to wear one!).  

Carla: I don't want Tommy to be bad. Can I prevent it from happening if I scream loud enough? No, okay. With Laurel being drawn towards Arrow and both her and Oliver lying to Tommy, it's only a matter of time before he feels betrayed. I agree with Laurel, I'd be disappointed if he turns like Harry Osbourne. Of course, I'd love for him to team up with Arrow, but if that doesn't happen, I hope he goes more gray than entirely dark. 

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