Chicago Fire Review: Family for Favors

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"Nazdarovya!" was one action packed episode of Chicago Fire, as Casey dealt with his mother, Hermann took control, Shay’s baby woes continued and Dawson took a very dangerous route to clear Antonio’s name.

Dawson & Antonio Find Trouble

I’ll echo past thoughts about Casey’s mother in that she has some very deep anger issues. They might be due to the systematic abuse she was put under by her husband, but when she snapped and finally killed him I wonder if she gained a sense of power and authority she never had before. Now that she’s out on parole I don’t think she wants to totally give up that power – she might be following the lines of the law – but Casey’s quest for answers was sending her anger rising.

Her speech to Casey just about confirmed this suspicion; she commited the murder to protect him, but she saw an opportunity and went for it. She may have been meek and quiet under the thumb of Casey’s father, but she’s living life her way now. She’s not afraid of saying some venomous things to Casey and I’m glad he’s decided to throw her out of the house.

Hermann’s business venture became shadier by the minute with Arthur, but Hermann never ceases to surprise me with his honor. Every time he faces a situation, usually one that is shady or goes against his morality, he finds a way to rise above it. He’s a kind and decent man who went against the bully, mobster cleanup crew to right their wrongs even if it meant giving up some of his profits to do so. I hope this venture finally works out for him.

Shay, Clarice and Severide’s baby woes took a backseat this week, but the threat of sole custody is still looming over Shay and Clarice. I’m glad Shay agreed with Clarice that they should offer 50/50 custody. Daniel doesn’t deserve to be shut out of his own child’s life if he hasn’t committed any wrongdoing. If Daniel does screw up, he’ll have an entire firehouse to contend with (and I don’t think anyone wants be on the wrong side of Boden).

Finally, Dawson’s quest to clear Antonio’s name certainly opened up a can of worms by speaking to Voight, and, while I fear that Dawson may have opened up herself up to a favor she might not want to return when the time comes, I’m ecstatic to have Detective Scary Pants back in the midst of my screen. He’s been far too delicious of a villain in Chicago Fire Season 1 to rot in jail and I’m hoping he’ll bring plenty of ruthlessness back again for an encore.

Other Thoughts

  • Pouch and Clarice’s little boy are currently running for most adorable on Chicago Fire.
  • Kelly’s meeting with Renee the first was pretty awkward.
  • The house that collapsed from the hoarder this week was pretty awesome, and it’s cool to see all the different tools the firefighters use on various calls every week.
  • Kelly will make one great father.

Nazdarovya! Review

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