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"When you're on an airplane, there's a thing called plane etiquette. It goes like this: Window gets an armrest and a wall, middle gets two armrests, aisle gets an armrest and a little bit of extra leg. We're not animals. We live in a society!"

Once again, taking a simple relatable concept and putting a politically incorrect spin on it worked wonders for Legit.

Jim's Contentious Flight

For whatever reason, as much as flying can be a great mode of transportation in that short amount of time, there seems to be so many goofy situations that occur in and around the airport. "Anger" took full advantage.

Take Steve for instance, whose fear of flying was made worse by the unfortunate screening process he had to go through. Nope, no bottle over three ounces is allowed on, even if it's for jock itch. Poor guy, he even got a cavity search.

But the real jokes on the episode took place on the plane pointing out a lot of things that many of us think but probably wouldn't ever mention.

First, there's the older flight attendant, who Jim determines is simply one of the hot stewardess back in the day who simply never left the job. Of course she's a bit grumpy towards Jim, even though he can act like a jerk, and he even has to sit next to her at one point.

Then there's the shorter look at the creepy kid who just won't turn around or the lady who happens to bring a dog on board for whatever special reasons. I'm a little surprised there was nothing about shutting off electronics, but maybe that's been done to death in other shows and films.

Yet, it's Jim's rant about being in the middle seat, and boy is that not a fun place to be, that turns into something of a mini stand up routine that pretty much nails it all on the head.

Of course, being Legit means taking everything one step further, and who better to stand in Jim's politically incorrect ways that a large gay black man. And yet, Jim doesn't back down taking offense to being called fat, pretending to be gay himself, and battling for supremacy of the armrest.

It's even funny to hear a few of the passengers chime in with their two cents.

I'm not sure the joke about the particular disparaging word for a woman was as funny as it was meant to be. And maybe that's just our culture (probably the point), and I'm not sure just how common it is used in places like Australia or England, but I guess I'll believe Jim because he knows how to make a speech. At least it didn't take over the hour, leaving most of the plane humor at the forefront.

A lot of times what Jim has to say is taken straight from his standup routines, which is fun, because it is so socially unacceptable, but sometimes like the bleeped out word can feel thrown in just because.

Don't get me wrong, the bit at the intro with Peggy or Penny or whoever is funny, and with each smile and technically insensitive thing Jim says, it's hard not to laugh.

But sometimes I wonder if he could simply take that topic like a woman paying for a meal or what's expected in a relationship as the basis for another episode. And maybe it will be.

Billy, unfortunately, didn't get to make the trip, and he had the fun time of finding a not hot caretaker.

Billy cracks me up, but his mom can come across as more of a cartoon with her storming around. At least the two of them were able to find Ramona from the rest home to take care of him.

Even with some of the show's flaws, Legit manages to make me laugh, especially because you can't believe what's being said or done. And no matter how far the characters do seem to take a situation, that consistent level of charm and personality keeps you coming back to witness whatever crazy antic is up next.

Anger Review

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