Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted"

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This week on Pretty Little Liars, Aria's lips were on the wrong brother... Jason and Emily teamed up to take down Wilden... and Caleb met his dad.

Join staff writers Leigh Raines, Christina Tran, Nick McHatton, Teresa Lopez and Carissa Pavlica as they dissect "What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted" and discuss those topics and a lot more. Pull up a virtual chair now!


We're still entrenched in Caleb's family saga. Does the inclusion of the story mean any more to you this week?

Leigh: I think Caleb's family saga is meant to get us to care about some of the side characters. It also includes how Hanna has changed over the years and become more caring and strong willed. She loves Caleb and wants his happiness. But did she test his father with that 5 dollar bill? Hanna has her own ways to test someone's trust. Now will she tell Caleb?

Christina: I've always been a Haleb fan and will always appreciate a side story from all the crazy A stuff. It's a nice break and shows Hanna's growth, and I'm also curious to see what she'll do next with what Caleb's dad did.

Nick: I'll go with it, but I'm still not very interested in it. While one of PLL's traits is having plenty of side characters to have fun with and explore the past with at this point it just feels like a distraction. With that being said, I love Hannah, and I love her even more when she has good intentions, and now the question that needs to be asked is where are those good intentions heading for? The five dollar bill could implicate Caleb's father and it could also point to the pastor.

Teresa: Nope. Caleb's "little-boy-lost" is really cute, but Hanna's interference is super annoying.

Carissa: Caleb has always been my favorite couple, so I'm not minding a little couple time, especially in time for Valentine's Day. Does anyone else get the feeling Daddy Dearest will somehow fit into the big mysteries of Rosewood? I sure do. Can anyone escape being a part of that history?

Is CeCe the blonde?

Leigh: Eh, I don't really think so but I do think CeCe is another pretty little liar. She knew Wilden so why'd she lie about it? It fits a little too perfectly that she wouldn't come back. How else would she know about Emily and Jason looking for the pic?

Christina: No way. I'm with Leigh on this one. It'd just be too easy if it CeCe was behind was the blonde behind it all.

Nick: I don't think it's CeCe's doing. CeCe isn't blind; she could see Aria and Wesley were having fun together on the faux date and she didn't want to play third wheel. Also, I really love Leigh's comparison that CeCe is like a liar, since, as we've witnessed, the friends of Ali are the ones who get burned first. She's just protecting herself.

Teresa: I think CeCe is a pretty big contender for the role of mysterious blonde in the red coat. Plus, she did teach Ali everything she knows about being a manipulative mean girl. However, I would be a little disappointed if this whole A-mystery was just about two girls fighting over one guy. Especially if that guy is Wilden.

Carissa: I could see her working with Ali to throw everyone off of Ali's scent, and working as a cupid to get Aria and Wesley together. She's a bit scattered, so might want to help everyone out. Like a little liars hippy child.

What did you think about the sleuthing partnership of Emily and Jason?

Leigh: I liked this partnership. Where did Jason disappear to at the end? Can we even trust Jason?

Christina: I liked it. Is it just me or has A totally been more vicious lately? Poor Jason! And where the heck did he go?!

Nick: In my head he went to go see Noel, Leigh. I like it when Emily puts on her detective hat and goes sleuthing. However, I would recommend not opening the elevator doors and jumping to a floor a woman at my college did this in the library and crushed herself (the more you know!). As for where he went, I think he sees the ladies as a "link" as well, and I believe he bolted because he found the link he was looking for to continue on his own or he doesn't trust them.

Teresa: I liked Emily and Jason hanging out. Emily works well with anyone, and there's nothing of the weird tension between like with with Aria and Jason or Spencer and Jason.

Carissa: Emily and Jason were great together. Emily has a really easy friendship with a lot of the neighborhood boys, probably because she isn't worried about them being into her. I think Jason is trustworthy, but also worried the liars could call him out and get him into trouble. Maybe he's playing it close to the vest, especially where Spencer is concerned.

Talk about how thoughtful Mona was to think about Spencer's mental health and ponder why Spencer's hands didn't fit properly around Mona's neck.

Leigh: Spencer is dehydrated and a little skinnier from all her wallowing so her hands were probably bonier than usual and maybe her grip was weaker. Mona is just so thoughtful, oh gosh she is a gem! I don't know how Spencer doesn't just out her already and tell the girls about Toby. When she's lost almost everything she should just blow the whole thing wide open.

Christina: Oh, Mona. She's just the nicest, isn't she?! Spencer should have just slapped her.

Nick: Can we take a moment to just enjoy the moment Spencer yelled "Die!" like a viking at Mona? Absolutely amazing. Spencer would have successfully choked Mona out had she not had to jump the table, I believe it impeded her hand placement and she fumbled the ball a bit. In a side note, I appreciate that PLL just about requires that a guy needs to be shirtless every episode like Teen Wolf.

Teresa: I don't really get how Wren's visit to Spencer was supposed to work. Actually, it seems to have rekindle yet another of Spencer's romantic relationships a little. Was she just trying to embarrass her? I think that meeting could have been arranged as more public embarrassment for it to have any real affect on Spencer. Indeed, it was Mona's very real observation about Spencer's lack of friends that made her snap in the end. But, Spencer couldn't even get that right. Why strangle when you can slap, punch, kick, and bite?

Carissa: While I was watching Spencer try to put her hands into good throttling position I wanted to jump into the screen and push her out of the way to show her how it's done. Sheesh that was nerve-wracking! If Mona knew Wren covered for Spencer in the end, she'd really be angry. More accurately, when she finds out, there will be more hell to pay! I can't wait for Ali to push her face into the ground. Yes, I think that's coming some day.

Aria and Wesley are getting along a little TOO well. Compare their beginning to that of Aria and Ezra.

Leigh: Well, I was actually interested in Aria and Ezra in the beginning unlike now. Now I'm interested in Aria and Wesley so I guess the Fitz brothers do bring some similarities.

Christina: It felt familiar. The kicker was that Aria kissed him back. Side note: Where is Aria's brother?

Nick: I've always been a fan of Aria and Ezra, but there's still a lot of ground between them, both physically and emotionally. Wesley is a better match for Aria in that he's going through similar experiences that Ezra has already gone through. Add in the fact that Ezra now has a little boy, and Aria might start looking completely different to him.

Teresa: Aria and Ezra probably broke some speed-dating records, from talking to vigorous making out in the bathroom in 60 seconds flat. At least Wes has let Aria warm up to him and shown her his playful, less entitled side.

Carissa: Nick, you're answer was great. Ezra spending time with a child that Aria couldn't have given birth to might make him look at her a little differently. The idea that Aria was with a teacher always seemed in bad form to me. It's no better for Spencer and Wren to be together. Wesley and Aria make a lot more sense, and he's....fresh.

No need to wait for next week to get a peek at the upcoming episode. Check out sneak peeks at "Hot Water" in our Pretty Little Liars clips section!

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