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It's another night of results on American Idol. We'll continue to whittle the contestants down to the Top 8 with a performance from Casey Abrams. Jessica Sanchez and Ne-Yo are also in the house to showcase their new single.

As always, there will be commentary from everybody's favorite non-judge, Jimmy Iovine, one of which is that the contestants not knowing Beatles songs baffled him. Me too, Jimmy. Me too.

Now let's get to it...

American Idol Final 9

Jimmy felt last night was really confusing and disagreed with the judges' largely complimentary commentary.

Kree Harrison, he thought, was great and deserving of applause. While she tends to oversing, last night she kept that in check. Burnell Taylor recovered nicely from not knowing "Let It Be." Lazaro Arbos, Jimmy felt, had the worst performance of the night. Lazaro said he learned the song the night before when he had five days just like everyone else to learn it.

Jimmy believes Amber Holcomb made an excellent song choice and belongs in the Top 3. "The Natural" of this season is Candice Glover. While he may not have had the worst performance of the night, Jimmy doesn't think Paul Jolley is ready for primetime. 

Angie Miller, while talented, is too dramatic when she performs. Jimmy thinks the theatrics are "wrong" but if she can fix it, she has a great chance of winning. Devin Velez' performance was "middle of the pack" despite his great ear for music and needs to work on his delivery and consistency. Closing out the critique, Janelle Arthur, chose an excellent song for her voice. Jimmy's marked her as a Dark Horse in the competition.

And now to the non-Jimmy portion of the night:

Amber Holcomb is up first. After showing an outtake reel from her rehearsals, Ryan's making her wait until after the commercial break for her results.

And after the results, we get our very own Fab 4 performance: "Got To Get You Into My Life" from the guys. It's mediocre, as most of the big group numbers tend to be. 

With zero fanfare, Paul Jolley gets the word that he's in the Bottom 3.

Casey Abrams, whose album has just come out, pays tribute to The Beatles with "I Saw Her Standing There." He plays his bass and jazzes up the number. I miss him. A lot. He's jamming on the stage like he's in a coffee shop and his energy is fantastic.

If we thought the guys' group number was bad, the girls' group number was a disaster. Their voices are all so distinct that they do not blend at all. Not even a little bit. Seriously, that was a train wreck.

Devin Velez says he's proud of his performance last night and Ryan moves him to the Bottom 3 with Paul. Lazaro Arbos, who had an emotional night last night, thought the judges were right "for the most part" and knows he has to stick to songs he loves in the future. He's safe.

Jessica Sanchez, last season's runner up, has been busy in the year since she last graced the Idol stage. She's modeling, performing at the Democratic National Convention, and has an upcoming guest stint on Glee. And she went to Manila and gave her first concert there. And she's got a record coming out.

She and Ne-Yo perform their single "Tonight." It's a dance/club number, but the trouble she always had last year was looking out of place when she tried to move around while singing. She's definitely been practicing in the off season but the song doesn't fit her big voice. In fact, her voice is kind of wasted on this song. Oh well. As long as she's happy and having fun, I guess.

Kree Harrison is safe, as is Candice Glover. Not surprisingly Angie Miller is also safe. Janelle Arthur heads to the couch of safety and Burnell Taylor joins them. 

Amber Holcomb is the final member of the Bottom 3. But she's safe, and so is Devin. Paul Jolley is singing for the save.

He sings "Alone" as his save song. It's just not good. He's smiling the whole time, but the song isn't a smiley song. The judges don't use the save, so we say goodbye to Paul Jolley.

What do you think, TV Fanatics? Should the judges have saved Paul Jolley?

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