Being Human Review: Raw and Exposed

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"If I Only Had Raw Brain" was a really powerful and emotional episode of Being Human.

If you don't mind my saying so, it was raw. Characters were opening up and letting go and accepting and it was beautiful and frightening at the same time. We may be watching a show about monsters, but they are better at being human than most people I know.

The opening scene between Josh and Aidan showed a side to the latter I hadn't seen for a very long time. I can't recall a time when he was so cold. To him, it was no big deal that he turned against the entire species to which his best friend and his fiancee belonged, if only he had named Pete as forbidden fruit, as well. That's not Aidan - or is it? Have I really been so blind to what he really is because he can be so sexy and brooding?

Pete is dead.

Surviving the Curse

What blew me away? It was Nora who stood up for Aidan when he brought Kenny home. The one person I would have expected to be even angrier after the death of Pete and the knowledge Aidan gave their kind up to vamps as a cure to their virus was the one who sided with him about saving Kenny. She wants to use any power they have to save whoever they can.

Have they redeemed her enough in your eyes yet? Being Human's ability to stretch the boundaries of a character and make you love them and hate them within such a short span is extraordinary.

Speaking of being well written, who ever imagined a scene where a zombie asked her funeral director boyfriend to feed on the dead could be so gentle and romantic. He could never trust her, of course, which is what makes the story so heart-wrenching. She could never go back to the funeral parlor because the hunger would overtake her.         

Oh my God - right after I looked at Kenny fawning over the strippers and thought to myself, he looks like a young Henry, Josh said the exact same thing to Aidan. How freaky. Was he always supposed to remind us of Henry and it just took me that long and at that very moment to figure it out, right when the writers wanted me to? How easily manipulated am I?

Nothing about moving up their wedding was easy for Josh and Nora. Nora's Maid of Honor was stuck behind a locked door, afraid to eat the bride to be. Josh was attacked by a stripper vampire at a strip club looking for a werewolf cure, who was then staked in front of his visiting sister. Nice way for your sister to figure out you and your friends put the super in supernatural, don't you think? Her experience feeling alienated as a gay woman didn't help her feel any closer to who or what they were.

Seeing all of that go down gave Kenny second thoughts about being turned, and there was our Aidan again. The father figure who you can't help but want to hug and hold tightly against you. He promised Kenny that while being a vampire wasn't a lock on immortality, he'd use everything he learned, good and bad, to protect and care for Kenny for as long as he was alive. Which is when I wondered if that weird hooded creature following Aidan around might have been a jacked up virus mutated Henry.

I mean, there were so many other vampires in town, why focus on Aidan? It was Jeff Weston, Kat's boyfriend who Aidan killed last week in "For Those About to Rot." There has to be more to that story because that dude was one mess of a monster. Now I'm worried that the virus affects the way a vampire changes when an inoculated vampire makes another. Kenny was still sleeping as the episode ended. If it happens that he awakes a halfbreed like the professor did, Aidan is never going to forgive himself.

Sally finally searched out the last person who might be able to help her. The psychic who exercised her. Together they realized Sally needed to die and confront Donna witch so that she could regain control of her soul and take out Donna on her own terms and then live on as a ghost. I don't know why she'd want to live as a ghost again, but she doesn't seem ready to move on, that's for sure.

If the last scene meant anything, that's not going to be as easy as it seemed. Ray showed up and broke the neck of the psychic. Now Sally is on her own, having said another romantic goodbye to Max, eaten a meal of Aidan's rock hard abs to sustain her a couple more days to see her through the wedding and to die as she sees fit. I hope she picks a great outfit to die in. At least she knows the rules this time around.

Next week ought to be full of all kinds of surprises. What will happen to Sally? Will Kenny be alright? Maybe his immune system being so clean will mean he turns without the strange anomalies. Will Nora and Josh get married, and will Emily be there even though all the other guests are monsters? Will Ray show up? I can't wait to find out.

If I Only Had Raw Brain Review

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