Deception Review: Good Luck With The Lies

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Joanna’s lies fell apart in "Good Luck With Your Death" - and with her mother now in the middle of things, Joanna’s choices hold even more consequences.

Joanna's Secrets

While it’s still unknown who Vivian’s killer is, that death is quickly becoming irrelevant. Once Edward became the person who picked up Vivian’s whistleblowing, Vivian was no longer the biggest piece of this story.

This new direction is a little disappointing since the entirety of Deception Season 1 is Joanna’s focus on finding out the identity of the murderer and I wish things would have stayed the course instead of branching outward.

This episode also confirmed the competing pharmaceutical and that Audrey put this entire plan into motion; Edward’s newest direction is fantastic. His character arc is one of the best on the series, as he’s gone from a petty, short-fused man to one interested in finding the truth behind his family’s lies and cover ups.

He’s trading his family’s company, and by extent his family, for justice. It’s an incredibly difficult decision to make and it’s enjoyable watching him tow the line with the people he truly loves, his brothers and sisters, while actively meddling and worsening their futures.

With Joanna’s mother and her mild case of Alzheimer’s back in the picture, Joanna’s undercover operation is becoming fraught with even more danger. Yes, Joanna attempts to fill her mother in on the details, but her memory isn't something that can be trusted. Robert is now actively trying to figure Joanna out, and he’s sparing no expense to do so; I doubt her mother's memory will be the one that stops him. The option that might stop Robert is Julian and Joanna deciding to go for something (sidebar: finally!). If Robert does figure some things out, is Robert willing to steamroll both of them to keep them quiet.

Joanna isn’t faultless in her decision to do something with Julian either since she’s no longer only focusing on her duty as a cop. If Chuck has taught us anything, it's that you can’t fall in love on your mission. Nor is Joanna's boss and ex-boyfriend going to particularly happy if he ever finds out.

I actually felt some remorse for Haverstock tonight, as all of his options and leverage slowly fell through his hands. First, Kyle decides to tell Mia about Haverstock blackmailing him and because of it Haverstock watches his lifeline walk out; and his insurance plan with Sofia forcing Mia to cooperate falls through too. It seems Wyatt’s purpose might have ultimately been for Sofia to find a way to keep him in jail and protect Mia without needing Haverstock’s help.

Haverstock is quickly running out of options. Robert has his golf club, and Sofia has Wyatt in prison without his help. Haverstock hasn’t exhausted all of his options, though, since the Bowers can’t exactly wipe his memory and he’s been shown to be a man of immense power. I wonder if he has knowledge of the FBI’s investigation into the Bowers, and, if he does, will he be willing to leverage that information for Mia’s bone marrow?

A Few More Thoughts

  • Joanna really needs to pay more attention to Rayburn’s not so vague safety tips.
  • Joanna’s mother’s disapproval of Julian – is it still from his shady teenage years or something else?
  • Edward needs to use his human lie detecting on his family.

Good Luck With Your Death Review

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