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It was another case of what the hell did the title mean on The Client List this week - because I have no idea what "Who's Cheatin' Who" was referring to in this instance.

My expectation was there would be some sort of infidelity going on, but nope. Pretty much everyone was on the up and up tonight, looking out for each other.

Smirking Riley

Riley was busy as usual, defending Kyle, hiring a new girl at The Rub, making an armadillo costume for Katie for school, keeping the Houston Police Department out of her life and and dating Evan. To make all of this happen, she looked to the usual places for support.

Lacey continued to be the best friend a girl could ever have, and when she was asking how, exactly, Riley would go about hiring a girl to do what they do at The Rub, I half expected her to volunteer for the job. It would be kind of fun for them to work together. Lacey has such a wicked sense of humor that men would just love her.

Georgia introduced Riley to her new man, Harold, and is now managing his bar. She's doing everything she can to go legit, but as long as she's involved with Riley and The Rub, she'll keep calling in favors with friends like the Judge to help keep Riley out of hot water. There were a couple of really close calls with the Houston Police Department tonight, but now that Detective Munroe is stuck with Detective Dumbell (Dunbar) as his partner, I doubt the two of them will make headway any time soon.

The idiocy of their detective work is the worst part of the storyline. First of all, theft of copper wire has to be one of the biggest crimes and probably one of the most throwaway to local police departments. They're acting like a murder was committed. Mick, the wayward Christian who lost the wire, probably has a list of crimes a mile long himself, so there is more to their coming down on Kyle than the copper wire story. Like Riley asked, "Who even steals copper wire?"

Their showing up at her house and overturning dollhouses and toys to try to find money that must have been given to her by her husband who has been in jail, instead of searching relatives of the accomplice they caught was curious enough, but appearing at The Rub without a warrant to search for that same money? It's way over the top. How stupid are they that they're going out of their way for copper wire and haven't figured out The Rub is a place of ill repute?

Nonetheless, it was all cleared up by Georgia and a nice Louboutin Stomp by Riley and the cute new Nikki. Just when Selena and Riley were making headway, Nikki came in and will probably shoot that budding civility between the eyes. Or, maybe they'll be the new mod squad. There seems to be plenty of business to go around, and enough to give them the sex industry's version of carpal tunnel.

Riley is still quite obviously torn between her loyalty to Kyle and dating Evan. She seems to compare the decisions she has made with what Kyle did with the copper wire, but there's a lot more to his story that we don't know yet. It's been too easy for him to make connections and get things done, even from inside jail. He left her and her children. She has to remember that before just standing by and losing herself by helping him out. She took a hell of a chance going to see Mick, and was lucky it turned out as good as it did.

Mick's The Client List quote was great and to the point:

Mick: That would be the Christian thing to do. But, I'm spiritually adrift. As far as I'm concerned, I never met you. You never gave me a bag of cash. And my suggestion is next time, pick a man worth standing by. | permalink

Evan is being such a sweetheart throughout. Kyle is his brother, but he's truly fallen for Riley and isn't going to give her up, especially to the man who left her alone. I loved how he asked her out; it made me shriek with glee in the adorable way he did it - as she was contemplating a night of watching Hoarders.

The miniature golf he had planned and the picnic at the end of the course was so romantic, but of course Kyle would get telephone privileges right at that moment. Evan handled it fairly well considering and their date ended on a positive note.

Just when I was thinking that Riley wears less clothing with a client at The Rub than she did when she finally slept with Evan, she turned around, took off her top and Kyle was standing there. It was a dream. I should have known it was too quick for she and Evan to be sleeping together, but with everything else going on, I wouldn't have blamed her.

Linette wasn't as out of the loop as everyone thought she was and gave her blessing to Riley dating Evan. Everyone wants them to be together and take a chance at love. That's how I know that she's going to end up pushing him aside and giving Kyle another chance when he gets released from jail. She won't let go of Evan completely, but there will be one hell of a fight between the brothers to win her love.

I saved the best for last. We no longer have to worry about someone reaching for a cookie and picking up the juicy read of the client list instead. After one too many close calls, Riley finally took the list to her mother's little ranch and buried it after (hopefully) committing it to memory. Now if she'd only learn to do something with all that cash she's usually carrying between her breasts or her butt crack, she'd have a lot less to worry about overall. One child with their hand in the wrong cookie jar or a strip search at the jail during visiting hours and her entire live could come crashing down on her.

One out of two problems solved ain't bad.

Who's Cheatin' Who Review

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