The Mindy Project at PaleyFest: Dream Guest Stars, Possible Hook-Ups

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Mindy Kaling and the cast of The Mindy Project were featured at PaleyFest last night, with the show's star first admitting she will appear on The Office finale and then comforting any fans that worry the series would end if her doctor were to settle down.

"It would [still] be tumultuous,” Kaling said of her character in a long-term relationship. “I’m 33 and I’d like to get married and have some kids, so it’d be great to see that reflected in the show. Or, when I have the experiences, to write about them on the show.”

The Mindy Project at Fest

Among other tidbits shared at the panel discussion:

  • Dr. Jeremy Reed was written for an American, a "Bradley Cooper-type," to be exact, according to Ed Weeks. He added that he threw a condom at the casting director during his audition. It clearly worked.
  • Could Betsy and Morgan ever hook up? "I think there is romantic possibility" there, said Ike Barinholtz.
  • What about Danny and Mindy? “Our writers room is pretty divided. Half of us want to see them hook up and the other half say no. It’s gotten a little heated a couple of times," said Barinholtz, adding that "heated" for a sitcom pretty much involves a raised voice or two.
  • Producer Matt Warburton told me on the red carpet that Chris Evans would be his dream guest star, but Kaling has someone else in mind: Danny McBride... as her character's loud, brash and gay best friend.

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