American Idol Results: The Fantastic Four

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After last night's performances on American Idol, one thing's for sure: these are some talented ladies. But one of them must go home tonight, marking the first female of the season 12 Top 10 to leave the competition.

That is, unless the judges use their save, of course. This is the last week the save is in play, but will they decide to use it? Let's get to the results and find out now...

Farewell, Janelle Arthur

The five remaining girls open the show by performing a medley of Donna Summer hits to pay tribute to last night's Diva theme. They've brought in a troupe of all-male back-up singers to balance out the fact that there are five very, very different female voices on that stage. They all have great moments and they all have not so great moments. Group sings are weird.

Tonight's results start with Angie Miller. Jimmy says that Angie's a great technical musician and her believability is raised when she's behind the piano. He felt that even though she was overly technical on her performance of "I'll Stand By You" it worked for Jimmy. The same can't be said of "Halo" and Jimmy thinks that will hurt her. Nicki vehemently disagrees.

Jimmy thought "Straight Up" was "too narrow" for Candice Glover. She redeemed herself in his eyes with "When You Believe." He called her a "great singer" and "really smart." Idol producers surprise Candice with a visit from Paula Abdul who showed up to congratulate Candice on her excellent performances thus far.

Then Ryan sends Paula over to take Randy's chair and says that the sight of Nicki, Paula, and Mariah at the judges table is one he can scratch off his bucket list? Yeah, I didn't understand that either.

Season 2 runner up Clay Aiken graces the Idol stage to reprise "Bridge Over Troubled Water." He's done some amazing things in the 10 years since he was a contestant on this show. And some kooky things, too. But he seems like a good guy. His performance lacks the pizazz from 10 years ago. I can't help but wonder how many times he's been asked to sing this song between then and now and whether that has any impact.

Janelle Arthur's opening of "When I Call Your Name" was "sleepy" and Jimmy felt that she struck out with "Dumb Blonde." He liked that she chose Dolly Parton, but thought she chose the wrong song. Dolly, however, took the time to pen a little letter to Janelle telling her not to worry about the negative feedback.

Jimmy said Amber Holcomb does brilliant things week after week and still ends up in the bottom two, so this week she jumped out of a plane without a parachute by choosing to sing Mariah Carey and Barbara Streisand. He called her performances magnificent.

Finally, Jimmy thought Kree Harrison made the wrong song choices last night because "Have You Ever Been In Love" didn't give her the kind of emotional platform that her other performances have given her. Then he went on to talk about the faces Keith and Randy made while Nicki and Mariah disagreed over Kree's performance.

Fantasia, season 3 winner, comes back to sing "Lose to Win." If Jimmy thinks Angie's eyes are too over-emotive, I'd love to hear what he has to say about Fantasia's. I really like the message in this song. And I don't hate her performance. She also looks like a million bucks, which is a huge, HUGE step up from the crazy pants she wore on her last Idol appearance. 

Kieran dims the lights and the first person Ryan announces as safe is Candice Glover. She's joined by Angie Miller and Amber Holcomb.

That leaves Kree Harrison and Janelle Arthur in the bottom two. I'm kind of shocked that Kree's there, but not at all shocked about Janelle. 

After yet another commercial break, Kieran dims the lights again and Ryan says that Janelle Arthur is in danger of going home tonight if the judges choose not to use their save. This is the last week they can use it.

She sings "Keep Me Hanging On" as her potentially final performance. If she had sung like that every time, she might not be in this position right now. She's joined by the other girls on the stage as Randy delivers the news that they're not using their save.

Janelle Arthur is going home. What do you think, TV Fanatics? Should the judges have saved Janelle this week?

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