Body of Proof Review: A Test of Character

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Tonight's Body of Proof certainly wasn't the first time we've seen Megan "Doubting Tommy," but it may have been the best time for her to be his champion.  

The evening started off with us finding out a little bit more about Tommy and Megan's past. They fought like crazy and they made up with crazy good sex. At least until Tommy slept with someone else. 

So I couldn't blame Megan for turning and running in the other direction when she saw the hot blonde with her hand on Tommy's thigh. It had to feel as though someone opened up an old wound.

Tommy's Only Hope

The next thing she knows, Skylar's dead and Tommy's covered with blood and lying in the bushes.

When Curtis and Ethan matched a hair in Skylar's bed to Tommy my first thought was: just one?!? Wouldn't there have been a lot more than that if the two had spent the night?

But Megan and Adam certainly had Tommy's back when it was obvious that no one else did.  

Chief Martin was quick to let him hang and it was more than a bit sad that Kate hesitated little in backing her. She really does appear to be more in tune with the political implications of her actions than in backing her own people. I have no doubt she would have fired Megan if things got too sticky.

I appreciated that neither Adam nor Megan turned on Tommy after reading his file from New York. Only true friends would keep an open mind after reading something like that.  

And when Tommy finally shared the truth with Megan she didn't exonerate his actions nor did she condemn him either. It was a lot of information to take in during an already emotional time. Although she may not have been completely comfortable with that side of Tommy, she also understood it as she shared in this Body of Proof quote...

The part of you who went outside the law for your sister is the same part that helped me and Lacy. | permalink

The case prompted two revelations from Megan's family: Joan never liked Tommy. Mostly because he was a cop from a broken family in Queens. I guess she didn't consider him good enough for her little girl. If she had been upset about him cheating on her daughter I would have given her more credit for her distrust. 

But Lacy impressed me. She encouraged her mother to have Tommy's back. He saved both of their lives and Lacy's not about to forget that. The girl is definitely growing up.

The moment Tommy started talking to that attorney I knew he was the murderer who had set Tommy up. Having Tommy put a nail gun to the guy's knee was an intense way to end their fight. Ouch!

A few side notes worth mentioning…

  • The woman translating Megan and Tommy's conversation at the bar was very funny. A great way to break up an otherwise intense episode.
  • I'm not a big fan of Megan's green purse but I love her turquoise trench coat. It's gorgeous.
  • I know I sound like a broken record but there really hasn't been enough Curtis & Ethan this season.  We need more!

But the best moment of the entire episode was Megan and Tommy's banter at the end. 

Megan: Stop talking.
Tommy: Not my strong suit.
Megan: What is really?
Tommy: Have three tequilas and I'll show you. | permalink

I really hope to see these two find their way back together before Body of Proof season 3 concludes.

Doubting Tommy Review

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Megan: You're telling me if I said yes, right now OK, let's go to a hotel room, you'd say no?
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