Legit Season 1 Report Card: B

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FX's new comedy, Legit, blended the deplorably humorous with the charmingly heartfelt - and with a Season 2 renewal on the new sister channel FXX, it's clear Jim, Steve and Billy are here to stay.

So how did the freshman season fare? Read on to find out in our latest TV Fanatic Report Card....

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Best Episode: "Fatherhood." From Jim prancing around declaring it's a black baby, the trio discussing Billy's times he had sex, to Rodney getting walked in on, this episode was full of humor. At the same time, this was a great way to close out the season, calling back to previous episodes, sticking to the simple plot involving Jim, Steve, and Billy, all while proving there's heart beneath the outrageous inappropriate comedy. Plus, it looked like the actors were having fun throughout.

Worst Episode: "Bag Lady." This was unfortunately the joke that went on too long. The whole concept of sticking the girl in the suitcase to avoid paparazzi is hilarious in theory, but the episode kept on going to the point that it felt tiresome. It just missed the mark on what I'd been enjoying about the series so far.

Best Character: I actually thought Jim, Steve, and Billy all brought something different but funny to the table. Similarly, they all worked well together, but I have to say that Rodney was a show stealer. His moments were quick, his lines were witty, and this upbeat character always managed to put a smile on my face.

Worst Character: I wouldn't call Janice the worst, but there was something overly cartoony about her character. Sometimes it would feel a bit too much, although I certainly understood she was the overbearing, rigid mom with a knack for hoarding things. I did appreciate that in the season finale, she felt far more realistic in her endeavor to help out with Billy's baby.

Most awkward moment: There were a lot of "I can't believe they just did/said that," but "Love" still stands out above the rest. Honestly, where else are you going to see an Australian comedian try and give his best friend with muscular dystrophy a hand job because he can't do it himself. It was so wrong, it was right.

Hopes for Season 2: More laughs of course. Sticking to simple topics and the outrageous but relatable situations will keep things funny. Definitely more Rodney, although not too much, he works in small doses. Even a little love for Steve, because let's be honest, that guy could use some. Overall, keeping the gang together doing what they do best, while all trying to become just a little more legit and being perfectly inappropriate sounds good to me. Looking forward to seeing this comedy grow.

Overall Grade: B

Your turn, readers: Agree? Disagree? Weigh in with a grade for Legit now!

Sean McKenna was a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. He retired in May of 2017. Follow him on Twitter.

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