Legit Season Finale Review: Three Men and a Baby

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Through its 13 episode first season, Legit has been something of an oddball comedy, showcasing the wildly inappropriate, while always trying to hint at a sweeter side to the characters and raunchy situations taking place.

"Fatherhood" not only effectively encapsulated that particular tone, but found a wonderful way to include characters and topics brought up throughout the season to help cap it all off.

Billy's Baby

The whole focus of the finale centered on Wendy, the prostitute that Billy lost his virginity to in the pilot, and her current pregnancy.

The show got to the jokes right away with Jim thinking he was the father and exclaiming that he had a good run, but it had to end some time. Yet the twist was that the child was allegedly Billy's, as he and Wendy had more than just a blow job back in the Vegas brothel.

Now, I had a feeling that the child wasn't going to be Billy's, but it didn't ruin the actual reveal for me.

Really, the entire time and experience was full of funny humor from naming the child... to Steve getting creepy about pregnant chicks... to Jim trying to throw a party for his friend... to the gang all together for Wendy's checkup.

Just listening to them talk about Billy's four times and then Wendy's way too many times in front of the doctor was hilarious.

I was a little surprised that Marlon Wayans, a comedian himself who has been notably in Scary Movie and A Haunted House, played more or less the straight man with great facial expressions rather than portraying another extreme character. Yet it worked, right down to the glare when Jim shouted out that it was a black baby.

Really, the whole extravaganza seemed to involve everyone that Jim and company had come across this season including Ramona's nephew, Billy's disabled friends, Peggy, Janice and Walter, and of course, Rodney.

Yet, what really made it all seem to work was the sense that all the actors felt very comfortable in their roles. Everything seemed to flow smoothly from one part of the show to the next, with Jim, Billy and Steve truly becoming people rather than exaggerated characters.

Even Janice, who I've had a harder time believing, felt more realistic, especially in her endeavor to be a part of Billy's life rather than control it.

Plus, her agreeing to clean the house to let Walter back in was a major step for her. I do hope we get to see John Ratzenberger play Walter again.

Steve got to be creepy and a drunk, but he's always such a decent guy in general that it's more fun to see what he's going to do rather than be disgusted by him. You can't help but like his character even if everything bad seems to happen to him.

Billy more or less got the central focus of the story, but it was a rather heartbreaking moment after learning the baby wasn't his and seeing him try and cope with it all. He really wanted to be a father, a husband and good guy for his kid and Wendy.

Yes, the rug was pulled right out, but it really showed that his disability didn't define him as a person or a man. He really wanted to be in effect, legit. Billy's come a long way since the first episode.

As for Jim?

Sure, he had plenty of raunchy and inappropriate things to say, but he remained by his friends through it all.

He may joke about only hanging out with prostitutes and disabled people, but Jim's shown that he can hang out and be with anyone no matter who they are. Beneath the blunt honesty, the politically incorrect ranting, and the just don't care attitude, is a guy who cares and one that sticks it out through any situation.

Even if that includes wearing a silly looking outfit to party in.

He's definitely on his way to being legit, even if he doesn't realize it.

If anything, it looked like everyone involved in this particular episode was having a good time and was more comfortable, which probably helped elevate the positivity and enthusiasm. I can only imagine how many times they had to take certain scenes.

This was a great way to wrap everything up, stick to something relatively simple, provide laughs, give the characters some chance to grow and through all the ridiculous and shocking situations, reveal a legit show with enough humor as it has heart. Looking forward to keeping the ball rolling and seeing what the gang gets involved in next season.

Fatherhood Review

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