Vegas Review: The Dead Avocado

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"Hollywood Ending" featured just that. Though most of the twists and turns were predictable, I can't say I didn't enjoy the ride.

The biggest surprise of the night was Mia's mother's arrival in town. Unfortunately, the twist fell a bit flat. Since we hadn't heard that she was dead before tonight, the revelation that she was alive wasn't the big reveal that it could have been. 

Mia's Mother

That said, I loved seeing Melinda Clarke cast as Lena Rizzo. Lena dove right into the middle of things at the Savoy, trying to mend fences with the daughter she never had the chance to know and hopped into bed with Savino within hours of arriving in town. The woman wasted no time making her presence felt. 

Lena and Mia had that sarcastic mother/daughter banter from moment one as Lena swore she had to leave because Rizzo thought she had cheated on him. When Mia questioned whether she had, Lena told her in this Vegas quote

Lena: No, I swore to him on my mother's grave.
Mia: What good is that? For all we know your mother could be secretly alive too. | permalink

If Lena did one good thing, perhaps it was to convince Mia to protect herself above all else.

In Hollywood, Dixon and Yvonne snuck onto the studio lot to find Violet who didn't give Dixon the warm reception he had hoped for. Violet's career was taking off thanks to Silver, which meant she was under his thumb and back in his bed.

Yvonne was right. Did Dixon come all that way to be the guy who snuck around behind Violet's boyfriend's back? He said he didn't mind but I doubt that's the case.

Yvonne got the raw end of the deal all over the place. First she had to watch Dixon cavort with the blonde starlet and then she got called a whore and beat up by Silver when she refused to take an audition on his casting couch.

The girl deserved better all the way around. Hopefully she'll get it soon.

Back in Vegas, Reynolds knew the walls were closing in when Katherine told him about that wire tap. The faux kidnapping could have worked if he had sent Eddie Bade far, far, away and if he had gotten out of Vegas a little quicker.

When Reynolds walked into that mausoleum I knew he wouldn't be walking out. Blanks in the gun is the oldest trick in the book. I wonder if they killed Eddie too.

So the towels made it out but the avocado didn't. How many more casualties will end up in the desert before Vegas season 1 comes to an end? 

Hollywood Ending Review

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Vegas Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Savino: That's impossible. Lena Rizzo is dead.
Lena: Vincent, do I look dead to you?

Under the circumstances you either carry your weight or you become dead weight.