Supernatural Round Table: "Clip Show"

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Hear ye, hear ye, Supernatural fans: we've reconvened another edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table.

With just two days remaining until the Supernatural Season 8 finale, staff members Carissa Pavlica and Sean McKenna are joined below by Alice Jester of The Winchester Family Business, as they breakdown their favorite scenes a lot more from "Clip Show."


What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?
Alice: I’ll go with favorite scene, which ironically has my favorite quote as well. How funny is it that Castiel takes it upon himself to do a grocery shopping run for Sam and Dean? The elevator music in the background only added to the absurdity of the whole thing. He wants to be helpful, especially since Dean is mad. Good thing he remembered that humans need toilet paper! But the best part was when the store was out of pie (which seems to be a problem for Dean this season). Bring on the unhinged angel!  “You don’t understand, I need pie.”

Carissa: I have to agree with Alice. That scene of Cas shopping for the brothers was just angelic in every way. It was a tad off as he acted as if he had never been in a store before (knocking over displays with his ass? He's been in plenty of liquor stores with the Winchesters), but trying to foresee their needs and do what was best for them to make them happy was adorable. Busty Asian Women comics hanging out in the local market didn't hurt!

Sean: I agree that Castiel in the store was the most humorous aspect of the episode. That said, there was something chilling about Crowley speaking essentially the show slogan, "Saving people. Hunting things. The family business." It felt so wrong and evil for him to quote the Winchester line to them and really amped up his villainy especially in regards to the havoc he is causing.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

Did you enjoy the way Sam and Dean learned about curing a demon?
Carissa: Everything they are learning is fun. I like them having a sense of history other than their father and themselves. It gives them pride and purpose and rounds them out into real men.

Alice: Oh yes! I’ve been very critical about the Men of Letter’s cave not being used enough for research and it makes sense the answer be there given how far the records go back. Great dungeon BTW. It is kind of curious though that was the event recorded by the woman that Abaddon possessed. What they were doing did prove to be very dangerous. Unintended consequences certainly was a theme for this episode.

Sean: The dungeon was super creepy. I really enjoyed getting to use the place as a real info lair watching the video and hearing the audio for the past. It was a great way to really allow viewers to be right there with Sam and Dean in the discovery.

Are you glad Abbadon is back?
Carissa: Honestly, I had to look up who the hell she was. I hated the episode where Grandpa Winchester came back and introduced the whole Men of Letters thing, despite enjoying what became of it. When I said in the round table for that episode that I watched it three times and took nothing away from it, I wasn't kidding. She left no impression on me whatsoever. If she's up for a fight with Crowley, however, that will be fun to watch.

Alice: Strangely, I am. I didn’t think I would be at first, but she represents the old school guardians of Hell. I’m ready for a new Queen to take over things, take Hell back to the good old days. I loved how she was appalled to find out that Hell was being run by “the salesman.” Something tells me Crowley will be no match for her.

Sean: I was pleased she wasn't a one off character and I found her entertaining. The hand in the mouth? Disgusting. That said, I'm curious as to how long she will stick around and what her end game plan will be that she's been re-released into the world.

Can Castiel close the gates of Heaven? Should he?
Carissa: I'm not getting any of this "close the gates" business. We're talking about ending religion in general here, aren't we? If the dead stay on earth, people lose faith, the angels and demons stay in their own worlds and party and humans are just left to be The Walking Dead. We already have a show for that, so I'm not sure where this gate closing would lead and why everyone thinks it's such a good idea. I'd like to have a better understanding of what it means, exactly. Entrance only? No exit? Doors only swing one way? I need clarification.

Alice: That’s the part of the episode that puzzled me. Something didn’t feel right about the whole thing, and Castiel suspected it when he had to kill that girl. For one, Metatron seemed off. That was probably intentional. Is Castiel really closing the gates of Heaven?  If these are truly the angel trials, then yes he can. He and Sam has always followed parallel paths. If the gates of Hell get closed by Sam, then yes, the gates of Heaven should be closed too.  I love the idea of both Heaven and Hell being shut out, leaving humans to fend for themselves. That can only bring a whole new set of problems.

Sean: It's such an interesting concept, but I'm not sure if it's the right solution (even closing the gates of Hell seems fishy). There's something a bit off about working with Metatron, but I really feel like the after shock of such a potential major event would be far worse. Not sure if it will all spin off towards something else or the show will really seal up those places for good. If Castiel is being manipulated again, I hope he figures it out before it's too late. 

What do you think of Crowley's plan to kill off Sam and Dean's saves?
Carissa: He's trying to make their lives meaningless and therefore stop Sam from wanting to continue on with the trials. If the state Sam was in at the end of the episode was any indication, it's working.

As an aside, I absolutely love how Crowley turns everything he says into something about sex. Is that new this season? "I'm sexting it to you now." As evil as he is, he's still one entertaining sonofabitch.

Alice: It’s diabolical, and so Crowley. I’m actually surprised no one tried it earlier.  Funny he found out their history through the Carver Edlund books. It has to backfire eventually though, especially when Sam and Dean have an angel and a prophet on their side. But too bad for Sarah. That sucks that they brought her back just to kill her. Then again, do we expect anything different with Sam’s love interests? 

Sean: Crowley is such a great character and he's really digging deep to cause the brothers harm. There's no way he can actually complete that task, right? Either way, he was such a great character in this episode really pushing the brothers to the brink and showing just how bad and powerful he can really be. I'm ready for Sam and Dean to put a stop to his madness. And no more sexting with him either!

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