The Client List Review: A Do Over

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With such a shocking revelation in "I Miss Back When," I was absolutely stunned that that this episode of The Client List went nowhere in the end.

I guess it's going to have to take another installment because the meat of this one was the Mustang high school reunion and the continued resurrection of Kyle as a man of good faith.

However, the cliffhanger from "What Part of No" - who was spying on Riley as she dug up and fondled the client list? - was answered. Nikki. It appears she's been working with Greg, the other potential buyer and Nikki's sort-of pimp, the entire time she's been working at The Rub. What a shame, I liked that girl.

Elizabeth Rohm on The Client List

The thing is, she's a broken, conflicted thing. She obviously doesn't like having the list and hasn't given it to Greg yet. And our lovely Selena was right: never trust the newbies! It was so easy to fall for Nikki's school girl act (and part of it is real) that nobody would expect her to be the bad guy. It will be interesting to see where her loyalties end up.

The doors have been reopened for Selena and Derek to get back together now that stalker client Lisa fell in love with someone and dumped her pretend love, Derek. He thought she was going to ask him to marry him - and that would have been pretty funny - but this ending was better. That was getting a bit creepy.

As Kyle continues on his road to redemption, he's now become somewhat of a sponsor to Linette. He attended a few AA (NA?) meetings with her and she feels comfortable enough to call him when she's at her lowest. To his credit, he's not sharing what he talks about with Riley and it's driving her crazy. She doesn't like not being Linette's shoulder to lean on, and most especially not being able to talk about it.

Kyle takes to heart the creed of anonymity and doesn't want to break Linette's confidence, not even for Riley. If Linette wanted to talk about it with Riley, she would place the call to her.

Riley got herself arrested sticking up for Taylor by bashing in Beau's new Mustang's window with a golf club after he showed up at the reunion with a young girly, and Taylor admitted knowing he had cheated on her for years. I couldn't help hoping that Riley got enough of a taste of the clink that she would rethink her life choices and try to go legit, but I should know better than that. She doesn't even consider doing the right thing with regard to that part of her life any more.

Some other bits:

  • I liked that the photos at the reunion were real photos of the gang from their younger days. That was cute.
  • Watching Lacey cry that some women get to be mothers and she only had the chance to experience what it might feel like for weeks was painful.
  • Shelby getting angry seeing the prom standee seemed like odd timing. I'd be more put out at the times he spends with her now, not what happened years ago.
  • How awesome was the scene of Selena crying about her feelings to Derek just to prove that women can pull the wool over men's eyes? Love that girl!
  • Kyle wants to move home. Bets on how many episodes before he's back in the house? One.

So, another week of pumping up Kyle. How's that working out for you? Were you surprised that Nikki was the one who was after the client list?

I Miss Back When Review

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