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The Office is leaving viewers with such a great taste in their mouths that it's as if they are force feeding us beets through the screen. "A.A.R.M." was the second of three hour-long episodes to end the series, and like, "Livin' the Dream," it didn't disappoint.

With how many perfectly executed emotional moments there have been over the last two hours on The Office, I can't imagine what they have up their sleeve for next week's finale.

The Staff Prepares

The scene in which Pam was watching the docu-created montage just as Jim was giving Dwight love advice was the most emotionally rewarding moment on The Office since Michael Scott's goodbye.

Those meaningful heartfelt scenes are difficult to achieve for an absurd comedy. Heck, Parks and Rec has unsuccessfully attempted to do similar things for years. The Office itself failed at with numerous Andy/Erin mishaps.

But when you are talking about Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly, there has not been a comedy ever that could compare in The Office's ability to pull at the heartstrings.

As Dwight told Jim that he was a good assistant, and the tears welled up in both of their eyes, it was difficult not to get a little misty myself. Despite their heated rivalry, these two have had one of the most loving bromances on television, and it was great to see them have that moment.

Then, immediately afterward, watching Jim and Pam interact after the latter finished watching that montage of Jam moments over the year, was fantastic.  "Not enough for me? You are everything." Man, that was moving.*

*The only part about the whole Jim/Pam thing I take issue with is that their problems of late have been all about his job in Philly and the trouble that has caused. So why did they ever need to bring Boom Mic Brian into the fold? They could have caused an issue between Jim and Pam through Philly, as they ended up doing, and still had these great emotional moments at the end. Boom Mic Brian was unnecessary, as was noted from the beginning.

This is still a comedy right? Of course, and the Jim/Dwight arc was one of the funniest ever. Unlike much of this season, when Jim was bringing nothing to the table in Philly, the new Assistant to the Regional Manager was back in his sweet spot in looking for an "A.A.R.M."

From the Days since last nonsense sign, repeating everything Dwight said in the conference room meeting, comparing the new position to a knight of the round table, and the ridiculousness of the actual competition, Jim was on fire this week.

The other stories had laughs as well. Andy telling the producers about his experience (local theater, industrial flick), Kevin coming around on Phillip after the toddler gives him an iTunes card with seven dollars on it, and the ending dance scene were all highlights.

My biggest question is, which of the following screen shots was your favorite moment from that dance? STANLEY, TOBY, or CREED?

With Angela accepting Dwight's proposal, there seems to be a big wedding in our viewing future. Will it live up to weddings of The Office's past? Will the finale build on the success of these last two episodes?  And how will it all end for our favorite paper people?

Check out some of our favorite quotes from "A.A.R.M." below, hit up our The Office Quotes section, and then let us know what you thought in the comments.

Dwight: It's not the KGB, but it's a start. | permalink
Creed: If my parents see this, I am toast. | permalink
Pete: Plop? Still?
Dwight: We owe Andy that much. | permalink
Dwight: Anyone who needs to speak to me has gotta go through me first. | permalink
Dwight: We're third cousins, which is great for bloodlines and isn't technically incest.
Jim: Right in the sweet spot. | permalink
Darryl: I want to leave quietly, it seemed dignified. But having Kevin grind up on my front, while Erin pretended to hump me from behind, it was a more accurate tribute to my years here. I'm gonna miss these guys. | permalink

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It's not the KGB, but it's a start.