Vegas Review: A Common Enemy

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An explosion, a car crash and a murder conspiracy made for lots of "Unfinished Business" as well as one of the strongest episodes of Vegas we've seen yet.

Katherine's In Trouble

Porter Gainsley has turned out to be the uber-villain of Clark county. Like a spooled child, he blew up the Tumbleweed as though if he couldn't keep his favorite toy then no one else could play with it either. Unfortunately it's going to take more than a spanking to discipline Porter.  

Something tells me that Lamb and Savino are up for the challenge.

When Dixon figured out that his mother's death was more than just an accident, I was a little surprised that Ralph balked at pursuing it.  Perhaps he just didn't want his son involved in something that dangerous.  At least they agreed to move forward with the investigation together.

Katherine did her best to stand up to Porter but in the end she's lucky she's only in a coma.  Safety features in cars of the 1960s were almost nonexistent. She could have easily been killed. 

Ralph was devastated, both by the severity of Katherine's injuries and by the similarity of her accident to his late wife's. If she pulls through, perhaps he'll be a little more forthcoming about his feelings for the ADA.

Jack's proposal of running a ranch with Mia was sweet, but naive. I simply can't picture her being happy in that life. Things would have to change drastically for her to make that kind of change and it certainly doesn't seem in the cards now that she knows that Jack planted the listening device. 

I just hope she doesn't end up running into Tommy's arms on the rebound. Not only do I love Mia and Jack together but Tommy's just a little too slick and she deserves better.

One of the best things about the explosion at the Tumbleweed was how it brought Vince and Lena closer together.  I've been enjoying these two more each week.  When Savino told her in this  Vegas quote

Savino: You don't come up in Chicago without getting your ears rung once in a while. | permalink

She understood because she understands his life and his business.  He doesn't have to pretend for her and that must be a relief.

In the end, Vince Savino and Ralph Lamb are at their best when they are playing off one another. A common enemy should make that all the more fun.  With only one episode left, I'm looking forward to the Vegas season finale. 

Unfinished Business Review

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