Katherine's In Trouble
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-Agent Byrnes survives his gunshot wound and gets a promotion to Washington D.C. Katherine believes he was promoted to keep him away from the Gainsley case and she decides to take it on herself.


-Gainsley's lawyer, MIlton Krill ends up dead in the trunk of a car with a canary stuffed in his mouth.


-Dixon uncovers that a a company called the Nevada Land Consortium was harassing his mother to sell her land. She refused and was shortly thereafter killed in a car accident. Her brother sold the land to NLC. 


-When Savino takes over the Tumbleweed from Gainsley, he blows it up with Savino and Lena inside. They both survive and Savino wants to retaliate but Chicago tells him to hold off for now.


-When Katherine finds out that NLC is a front for Porter Gainsley, her car is run off the road. She ends up in a coma in the hospital.


-Jack aska Mia to start a ranch with him and leave the Savoy. She says she'll consider it. Later, Savino finds the listening device in his phone and tells Mia he believes Jack planted it there.


-Gainsley uses his connections to fire Sheriff Lamb. Ralph realizes that Katherine's breaks were tampered with the same way his wife's were and believes that Gainsley killed his wife for her land.  He goes to Savino to ask if they can work together to take down Gainsley.

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Vegas Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Mia: All I see are strippers in old fashioned underpants.
Tommy: European strippers in old fashioned underpants.

The French have always been known for their flexibility. Just ask the Germans.