Franklin & Bash Review: Who Can Object To Love?

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Nothing makes me laugh like a good episode of Franklin & Bash - and "Good Lovin"" was just that. Yes, there were plenty of frat boy humor and sex jokes, but it was done so tongue in cheek that it managed to bypass offensive and go straight to funny.  

Having the two most adorably handsome leads on TV doesn't hurt either.

Proving Mom Innocent

Let's start at the beginning…

Jane Seymour was back as Peter's mother, Coleen, who was arrested for prostitution. Her side of the story was that she's not a hooker, she's a sex surrogate.

Coleen: Well I don't have sex with most of my clients. | permalink

Yeah, the word most could be a problem. Poor Peter was horrified and it was all Jared could do to suppress his giddily amused smile. 

But I had no doubt the boys would prove mom innocent... eventually. At first I thought that Peter and Jared really shouldn't have been insulting Hewitt considering he was the man in charge of dismissing the charges. Then again, he hated Peter so much I suppose nothing they said would have mattered so have at it boys.

Instead they took a different route and had Jared sleep with opposing counsel. No, not Hewitt, but ADA Ellen Swatello. She and Jared took hate sex to a whole new level and then kept climbing.  As Peter told Jared in this Franklin & Bash quote

Peter: You are so going to marry her.
Jared: I know. | permalink

These two just might have the potential for more than extraordinary hate sex. If nothing else, I'm hoping we see more of Ellen this season. She obviously feels something for Jared or she wouldn't have helped them win the case. And Jared is even cuter when he's flustered.

Peter questioning his mother on the stand really was kind of sweet, even if he was asking her about her sex surrogate business. Leave it to Franklin & Bash to wrap enough heart around the debauchery to make you go aww.

In other news, Damien was trying to woo a retiring judge to get his endorsement and eventually his seat on the bench. When the judge asked Damien, "can you guess what I'm going to do next?," all I could think was this: on this show I wouldn't even hazard an attempt. 

The judge was more than happy to play along, as long as his recommendation came with a date with Rachel King.

I was so proud of Stanton when he put the judge in his place. I'd much rather watch Rachel kiss Coleen than that judge.

At the end of it all it was hard to object to love, or Franklin & Bash.

Good Lovin Review

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Franklin & Bash Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Coleen: I took him to the room that I use for more confidential encounters.
Peter: Please don't say my room.
Colleen: Well it has a wonderful view of the canyon, honey.

Well I don't have sex with most of my clients.