True Blood Review: Humans Bite Back

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Humans bit back this week on True Blood, showing their bite is as bad as their bark, courtesy of some new technology.

Indeed, the fragile peace between night and day walkers continued to dissolve on "The Sun," as we heard tales of torture by both parties. Man's capacity for cruelty has been well documented, but events like what went down at the Chuck E. Cheese did well to remind us all vampires are not as civil as Bill, Eric, Jessica, etc.

Arliss Howard on True Blood

People such as Governor Burrell had been planning for a time like this, but the Authority and those who blew up the True Blood factories made it a reality. In the grand scheme of things, losing Fangtasia ranks pretty low on the list of potential grievances, but Pam has every right to be as upset as she has been. Quite frankly, I'm shocked she and Nora have not squared off yet. 

Arlene: Sugar this is Bon Temps. Down here organic means you play the fancy piano at church. | permalink

Bon Temps may lack certain modern accoutrements, but when it comes to supernaturals, it is chock full. It was great to see Friday Night Lights alum Jurnee Smollett-Bell make her series debut, but I'm suspicious of her and her alleged cause. She and her friends seemed a little too TMZ and less Civil Rights-oriented as they snapped pictures of Sam and Alcide fighting. 

Speaking of Alcide, why did he have to go and spoil what looked like an amazing sleepover party with Lafayette and Emma? The scene of them playing dress up earlier in the episode was one of my favorites. Hopefully it was still the V talking and Alcide will come to his senses when it wears off... but he and that loud mouthed Danielle needed to check themselves. 

If things get too dark this season, all the writers need do is insert an Andy Bellefleur scene in his new father role to add some surefire levity to things.

Morella was nowhere to be found, but we did meet Ben, another fae. Sookie is no doubt going to fall for this fresh new face, but something about him had my Spider Sense a tingling. I wish Sookie had stuck to her guns and just kept walking when she saw him laying there in the bushes. Besides, she isn't going to have time for a new relationship, now that Warlow is back in town. Even with the help of her fairy grandfather and trigger-happy Jason, it sounds like they are going to need some help to take down the Rob Zombie look-alike, who broke on through to the other side on that bridge. 

While Sookie was busy harnessing her light, Eric took it upon himself to try to infiltrate the governor's mansion. I loved everything about the scene where Eric posed as the Fish and Wildlife representative with the glasses, combed down hair and timid voice. One of my favorite moments of the episode was the point where Eric's voice changed as he referenced what a "tough f-cking bird" the whooping crane is. Burrell got him pretty good when he pretended to be glamoured - but Eric got his swagger back when he peaced out on the guards and flew away. It will be interesting to see what Eric's plans for Willa Burrell are. 

Arlene delivered a couple of the episode's best quotes, but I hope her speech to Patrick's wife was convincing enough to put that story line to bed. I'm a little worried this arc and the whole civil rights angle with Sam could take away valuable screen time from others. Jason should have every opportunity to deliver lines like the one where he compared his grandfather to "Bubba" Fett. 

Warlow is most certainly the tyrant Lilith spoke to Bill about, but who will be the two who become one Nora read about in the Vampire Bible? When light and dark collide their salvation will be at hand. Maybe Bill and Sookie need to reunite somehow. I'm sure Bill will figure it out, preferably in time to save everyone before his vision of them all burning under the sun comes true.

What did you think? Watch a promo for next week's installment now, visit our updated section of True Blood music and react below:

The Sun Review

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