Who Is the Worst Dad on TV?

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Father's Day is here. And while many of us will be backyard barbecuing with the big guy, not everyone will be sharing hugs and playing ball with Dad this holiday.

As the following list of TV parents reveals, not everyone was meant for fatherhood. Some on our list walked out on their children... while others have their kids wanting to run in the opposite direction.

Take a look at the list below and help us decide who is the worst father currently on TV.


Tywin Lannister (Game of Thrones) The Lord of Casterly Rock is calculating and ruthless. Two things that make him a serious power when it comes to manipulating the Seven Kingdoms but it doesn't make him the greatest father. Whether he's blaming Tyrion for killing his mother by simply being born or shipping daughter Cersei off to another marriage even when she begs for a reprieve, Tywin shows that the Lannister name means more to him than the actual Lannister children ever will.

Conrad Grayson (Revenge) From keeping his daughter locked in an institution for his own purposes to manipulating his son to gain control of the family fortune, there's nothing Conrad won't do to gain power, even if it means using his children to do it.

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Clay Morrow (Sons of Anarchy) Though officially Jax Teller's step-dad, Clay still ranks as one of TV's worst father figures. Not only was Clay possibly involved in the death of Jax's real father, he put a hit out on Jax's wife Tara that almost ended her medical career and he wouldn't mind if Jax himself was suddenly out of the picture. So much for fatherly love.

Cliff Barnes (Dallas) Cliff never seemed to have much time for Pamela Rebecca Barnes but when he gave the order to blow up the methane rig knowing a pregnant Pamela was on board, we couldn't believe how low J.R.'s old nemesis would go for revenge. Now that Pamela knows her Dad was responsible for the death of her twins, we can't imagine he'll be getting a father's day gift this year.

Rumpelstiltskin / Mr. Gold (Once Upon a Time) In the fairy tale world The Dark One craved power so much that he allowed his own son to get dragged into a portal to another realm.  Then he spent the rest of his days trying to find him but once Baelfire/Neal showed up in Storybrooke, he spent more time wooing Lacey than mending fences with his long lost son.

Kyle Parks (The Client List) Kyle had a beautiful wife and two adorable kids. He also had financial issues and a drug problem. No matter what the excuse, he put Riley and their kids through Hell when he bailed on them for an entire year. Kyle's got a lot to make up for before he's back in the running for Father of the Year.

James Bennett (White Collar) After decades of being an absentee Dad, James came back into Neal's life and convinced him he'd left because he'd been framed for murder. Come to find out that dear old dad was actually a dirty cop.  To make matters worse, Bennett then managed to frame Neal's partner and best friend Peter for murder all of which has to have Neal wishing daddy had never come home.

Who gets your vote for TV's worst Dad? Make your pick below and then let us know who you think should be added to list in the comments below.

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