Devious Maids Review: I Knew You Were Trouble

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On last week's Devious Maids, we found out that Flora was more than just a maid to Adrian. This week, Marisol tried to find out even more about Flora's murder by working a fundraiser at the Powell house.

Unfortunately for Adrian, Marisol’s clearly not interested in his “extracurricular activities.” Fortunately for us, it’s fun watching her cleverly maneuver herself into the Powell household while piecing together a puzzle that leads to more questions and answers every Sunday.

An Unexpected Return

When Marisol stumbled upon Flora’s pregnancy test, I had a feeling she’d immediately go to the girls to try to find out the details. Rosie revealed that Flora last told her that was pregnant, while Carmen and Zoila disclosed Flora’s plan was always to become impregnated by a rich man and milk him for all he’s worth.

Marisol dug even deeper and learned that Adrian’s pal was conveniently also the coroner - and Flora’s revised autopsy showed she was not pregnant. She eventually found the original copy clearly stating that Flora was expecting and delivered the motive directly to her son’s lawyer.

Elsewhere, things got a bit complicated for Zoila when Genevieve's brother, Henri, returned. I laughed and smiled a little when I saw that Henri was actually played by Richard Burgi, better known as Karl Mayer from Desperate Housewives.

Poor Zoila was brokenhearted after he left her once again. Moreover, she realized that she should let Valentina date whomever she wanted – even if it meant that Remi might break her heart.

Meanwhile, Peri continued to grow increasingly cruel to Spence. As her career has heightened, she’s become nastier and meaner to her poor husband. Can you believe all the horrible things she was saying about him and even to him?!?

While Rosie gave him advice to focus on something else to make him happy every time Peri lashed out, she had no idea that it would actually be her that made all his sorrows go away. I was surprised that Rosie actually kissed Spence back and wonder if Peri would even care.

Carmen found herself in a bit of trouble as well when she realized that her manager would be at the party Alejandro was throwing. When Odessa asked her not to be at the party because she didn’t want to have to serve her, I figured that she was simply up to no good.

Odessa let Carmen’s age and birthday slip to her manager, all the while knowing that it could possibly ruin her chance at stardom. It actually did as Carmen’s manager dropped her almost instantly. All I have to say is: game on! I am looking forward to seeing what Carmen is going to do to Odessa and already know her revenge is going to be awesome.

Other Thoughts

  • I sometimes find myself wishing I knew the English translations for the few moments in Spanish. After all, it’s been a few years since my last Spanish class.
  • I loved the scene with Marisol heating things up with the coroner. She’s kind of amazing, isn’t she?! What was your favorite scene?
  • I am so thankful that Marc Cherry’s incredible and creative work is back on our television screens. I can’t wait until next Sunday.
  • Don't forget to check out our Devious Maids quotes section.

Overall, this was another solid installment that featured trouble brewing in every maid's life and line of work.

So, what did you think TV Fanatics? Share your thoughts in the comments to let us know what you thought about "Making Your Bed". Lastly, who do you think killed Flora? 

Making Your Bed Review

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