Falling Skies Review: Dig For Survival

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Anne and Lexi are dead? I don't buy it. Not for one moment. 

At the beginning of "Journey to Xibalba," Tom returned to Charleston full of rage and determined to kill Karen for murdering Anne and Lexi. His anger is understandable, but his belief that his lover and daughter are dead is a bit surprising.

Plans Change

With the torture he underwent and the continual lies that Karen has told, I'm not sure whether it's understandable or implausible that Tom believed they were dead so easily. Karen really played a number on him, because I don't believe that they were killed. And, given some time to reflect the situation, I hope that Tom realizes that possibility as well. He's a smart and perceptive man, so he should know better than to take Karen's claim seriously.

Karen is many things, but stupid is not one of them. As long as she keeps Anne and Lexi alive and under her control, she has leverage to use over Tom and that's her priority. Plus, the Espheni had to have a role in the creation of the hybrid baby, so under no circumstances would they willingly kill her.

Regardless, Tom came back from being captured a changed man. He was focused and more determined than ever to destroy the Espheni and protect the world. That's a positive reaction to the situation. Only his plans were interrupted by the mole, Lourdes.

Finally, they found the killer mole. The connections that Tom made to figure out Lourdes was the mole were tenuous, but I'll forgive that because I'm glad that the Lourdes-as-the-Mole storyline is over.

By the time the truth was revealed, Lourdes had done plenty of harm. She killed Manchester, the President, gave Tom a tracker when he went on the plane, helped the Espheni get Anne and Lexi, and then closed it out with bombs. She greatly hindered the Charleston community and their mission to bring down the grid. She fulfilled the eye worms' goals even though she was captured.

The aftermath of the explosion wasn't very exciting, especially when the family members worried about their loved ones. Boring! Nothing new to see there. Though, it did provide a life-or-death situation for Hal and Maggie to have it out about their relationship. Hal won't be leaving her behind again!

And Tom saved the day once again by using Lourdes' gun to break through the hatch. The exchange between Tom and Cochise was touching. Even though they both have lost so much, they aren't going to give up. They have a renewed sense of purpose going into the season 3 finale.

"First we bury our dead, then we dig like there's no tomorrow."

Journey to Xibalba Review

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