Falling Skies Review: Who Can You Trust?

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Going into ""The Pickett Line," I wasn't sure whether or not Cochise should be trusted... let along assisted in the completion of the Volm machine. The construction was kept a secret and, even more worrisome, it's purpose and potential were unknown.

As annoying as Mariana has been, she went behind Tom's back and investigated the Volm device for a noble reason. She was and is concerned for the well-being of the Charleston residents and the entire United States. However, her methods and fundamental desire for order and control undermines her ability to lead.

The Masons

Tom has proven time and time again that he's a level-headed leader and trustworthy. For that reason, I've given him the benefit of the doubt this season regarding the Volm and the device. He's generally good about determining whether or not to trust someone. 

Though, he overestimated that ability when he let the cabin owner see his brother. That was a sign that even the exceptional and perceptive Tom doesn't always make the sound call. Regarding the Volm, Tom seems to have been right.

When Cochise arrived with the President, the American leader agreed with Tom's assessment that working with the Volm was a path to victory. Two incredibly smart leaders couldn't both be fooled, could they?

Mariana was correct in her concern though too. The Volm device is not without risk. If its existence leaks out to the Espheni, its use could be devastating to Earth. Instead of destroying the Espheni grid, it could be used to accelerate its completion. Though, Humans face certain extinction without the Volm device. Is there really a decision to make? Either way, the Espheni will continue to occupy the Earth, but at least Humans would have more the three months to survive.

It wasn't much of a surprise that Lourdes was the other mole (how many eye worms are in her?) since she repeatedly lied and had access to put a tracker on Tom. But, the decision to kill the president didn't make much sense and was a short-sighted move by the Espheni. His assassination revealed the existence of a second mole and served little purpose. 

At least, it's unlikely that Lourdes would be privy to the information about the Volm device leaving that secret safe ... for now. Now that Mariana has been brought into the loop on the Volm's plans and the President is dead, will she step up and support Cochise? 

Weaver on the other hand is making contingency plans. His mistrust of the Volm is distressing to witness. He's always been by Tom's side and respected his decisions. Tom may not be the leader of Charleston any more, but Weaver's contrary actions are troublesome.

Mariana's plan to move Pope didn't make much sense beyond a power trip, but it did set up the possibility of larger conflict within Charleston. If Mariana sides with the Volm, will Weaver make a move with Pope and the Beserkers?

The turmoil within Charleston is only beginning and Tom's absence is striking. The Masons may have discussed not returning to Charleston after they find Anne and Alexis, but their presence is desperately needed half-alien baby or not.

Though, first Tom has to find a way out of his current predicament. Unless his sons disobey him or the cabin family emerges, he's surrounded with no way out. Tom's knowledge about the Volm device means that he can't risk capture. Would he turn the gun on himself? 

Odds and Ends
  • The theme of family and sacrifice was evident once again. How far would you go to protect your family? When does one lose their humanity to protect themselves? The cabin family crossed the line, but did the Masons also? In the end, they just wanted their horses and supplies back nothing more. It's a precarious line.
  • Matt shooting the uncle was tough to watch. He was protecting his brother, but at what cost? Matt is no longer a kid. He's a survivor.
  • Throughout this season, Pope's turned darker and darker. I'm not a fan of his regression. His treatment of Maggie was despicable. 
  • Please let Lourdes be the only other mole. Hal was infected, Lourdes is infected, it becomes too much if everyone is a potential mole.
Do you trust Cochise? Should Mariana support the continued construction and use of the Volm device? Will Weaver betray Tom's wishes?

The Pickett Line Review

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