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"Decisions, Decisions" featured the ladies of Mistresses reacting in ways I hadn't expected.

Well, certain things I saw coming... sort of. I had little doubt that Alex and Joss would hook up eventually, I just didn't expect Alex to make the first move.

The Breakup

After finding a naked man passed out in Joss' bed after a rousing night of sex, I didn't foresee Alex reacting by propositioning Joss in the shower. Alex has always come off as a bit of a wallflower, but this was definitely a bold move. And that turned out to be one steamy shower!

Harry's reaction to the two women canoodling in front of the fridge was funny, yet what I really enjoyed was that these two actually talked afterwards. I agreed with Joss when she said she wasn't gay. This incident came across as more experimenting with a friend, but Alex was obviously attracted to her. 

These two could be good pals who have a lot of fun but the friends with benefits addition could become quite messy. The problem is I'm not sure they'll be able to keep their hands off one another now that they've crossed that line. 

Karen wasn't having any fun, although I was glad we didn't have to endure another scene between her and Sam. I'm not a fan of the two of them.

For once I was proud of Karen for not turning over her notes on a patient... until I remembered she couldn't because she destroyed them all. Not her smartest move.

Now Elizabeth Grey has pushed her into writing false notes to show Tom was suicidal. This just continues to get worse for Karen and I'm afraid the downward spiral has barely begun. In the end, I think Elizabeth will throw Karen under the bus if she thinks it will help put this behind her - and she doesn't even know about the affair yet.

April's naivete continued to shock me. Who would consider handing over a large portion of their income as child support for a dead spouse's child without consulting an attorney? I just wanted to shake her.

Lucy ditching school to meet Selena Gomez was shocking…only to her mother. Lucy might be a little young for the rebellious stage but I'm sure losing her father has hurried things along. The poor kid doesn't even know she may or may not have a half sibling.

Thank goodness April and the handsome single dad hit the sheets. She deserved to have some fun! Plus he seems like a good guy and getting to do the deed on the bed in her store was just a reckless little bonus. 

As for Savi, no wonder her blood pressure was up. I was stressed just watching her. When Harry bought her that pregnancy test, my heart sunk. He looked so darn happy.  Then there was Savi, trapped in her own bathroom between a stick to pee on and an expectant Harry on the other side of the door.

When she told him she was bleeding I thought she'd made it up, but it turned out she was really spotting. Not an abnormal occurrence in the early stages of pregnancy. 

I was thrilled that Dom finally got to have his say with Savi. Yes, he is a consummate flirt but I do believe he has real feelings for Savi.  As he told her in this Mistresses quote

I don't regret what happened that night. Not for a moment. Not for a second. | permalink

Given all of that, I still believed that Savi was going to try to play out the clock on the paternity test results. Boy, was I wrong.

When she walked in the house and told Harry that she really was pregnant but that he might not be the father... I was floored. I never saw that coming.

Most of the characters on Mistresses don't seem to be having much fun but I sure am watching them. With an ending like that I can not wait for the next episode. 

Decisions, Decisions Review

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