Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Gamma Zeta Die!"

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"Gamma Zeta Die!" wasn't the best Pretty Little Liars episode of all-time.

Still, TV Fanatic Round Table participants Carissa Pavlica, Nick McHatton, Leigh Raines and Teresa Lopez are here to break down the college-based Season 4 installment. What worked? What failed? Gather around and let's debate!


The girls are planning for college. What are the odds they all go to Cicero?

Nick: The odds are pretty stellar that they'll end up going to the same school, but will the join the same sororities?

Leigh: I think they'll all go in the area with at least two going to Cicero. Or they'll probably all only get accepted there. Good point about the sororities Nick.

Teresa: Well I have my doubts that Hanna could even get in to college. But it would make things easier for A... all the targets were in one location.

Carissa: I think we've seen their future. A lot of lies seem to be tied up in that school, and those lies mean answers.

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Who is house mother Carla Grunwald? Any thoughts on how she might fit in?

Nick: She was probably the house mother to someone in the older crowd. She had a pulse for everything that was going on, and I doubt that is a recent development.

Leigh: Definitely someone the older crowd knew like maybe Cece. I bet Ali ended up running to he for help a time or two.  Maybe getting caught by her.

Teresa: Maybe Carla Grunwald caught "board shorts" guy messing around with Ali and then disappeared. I just hope it's not some elaborate conspiracy involving an insane house mother. 

Carissa: I hadn't thought about it until just this very minute, but "board shorts," who could have also been Wilden in his younger days, might have been the son of this woman. It would explain a lot about why he was so friggin involved in all the A and Liars crap.

What did Spencer mean by "It ain't that big a bird?"

Nick: I thought she was referring do the bird saying the phone number over and over again. I thought she was just making a deadpan joke.

Leigh: This seems like a metaphor for Spencer not being intimidated by A. She's gonna do what she's gonna do for answers.

Teresa: I thought Spencer said "It ain't big bird," cause that kinda made sense. Otherwise,  I have no idea.

Carissa: Frankly, I thought I was going insane. I can't think of a time I was more lost than during that comment.

Were you surprised that nobody seemed to know but Ashley and Hanna how deeply involved with Wilden they were?

Nick: Those involvements go back towards the beginning of the show when Hannah shoplifts at the mall and Ashley helps get her charges dropped by sleeping with Wilden. This is pre-Liar formation, so I doubt Hannah was going to bring up the fact that her mom boned Wilden to get her shoplifting dropped.

Leigh: I thought they were all a little more clued in but I guess it makes sense. Even the liars have some secrets from each other.

Teresa: I'll bet Wilden kept his involvement with the Marins a secret due to his own shady involvement with them and Ali (and the A team).

Carissa: It made me think that A sets traps for those involved to get themselves so wrapped up in her games that they makes themselves suspects without her help. She makes them think she'll do something, but in the end she just sits back and watches while her prodding makes people get sucked down into quicksand just because of their fears. Pretty good tactic.

Is A's plans to tear the girls away from their families failing?

Nick: Like all things A, I think the method matters as long as the results are the same. Aria's Mom is still heading out; Spencer's parents are glorified wall decorations at this point; whether Hannah is ripped away from Ashley or vice-versa the results are the same; and the investigations are probably ongoing for Emily's parents.

Leigh: I think it's still on. Was that first bee a camera bee? It looked like surveillance. Ashley is also so screwed. Spencer's dad was once in the hot seat. The Fields are feeling it now. A gets around.

Teresa: It seems to be working but I expected A to be way more deadly. Remember when Caleb's mom was run off the road? Ella got bees, which could have been a disaster if she was allergic.

Carissa: It feels like something has changed, as if A needs a reminder of what it was like to have family of her own. Maybe it's having Mrs. D so close again? 

Carissa Pavlica is the managing editor and a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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