Twisted Review: Apartment 413

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Uh oh, it just got REAL on Twisted.

In "Three For the Road" the mystery of Vikram Desai reached a whole new level of questions.

As you can all recall from the Twisted pilot, Vikram's body was never found after he was declared dead of drowning at sea. So then how, exactly, was he sending Regina a threatening letter and money from a random apartment in Connecticut? 

Searching For Clues

As a refresher, here is what the note enclosed with two thousand dollars said: "This is your final payment. Deal holds, keep your mouth shut. If you tell know what'll happen." It was postmarked two days before Regina was murdered. Maybe Regina opened her mouth because she never got that final payment and that's why she was murdered? Just a theory.

So as many of your have guessed in the comments, Vikram Desai is probably alive. He was also probably somehow hooking up with Regina. Was he the "Connecticut boy toy" Lacey mentioned? Maybe that's why Regina took such a sudden strong interest in Danny when he returned to school. Maybe that's also how Regina got Danny's number in the pilot. Vikram Desai was the missing link.

I found it interesting that Tess and Karen also discussed Vik when they were high and doing pottery together, which was pretty weird. I had no idea that the history with all these people in Green Grove went that far back. It's interesting that Tess dated Vikram and perhaps it's why she's more empathetic to the Desai family now.

My real question now is, why didn't Lacey and Jo tell Danny who owned the apartment? They aren't friends, he's their only common link. I guess Jo really is right in the previews when she said he's still hiding so much.

Don't bail on me, like you two bailed on each other. | permalink

I'm not entirely sure I believe Danny's story of how he ended up with the necklace. By holding onto it, it only insured he would look guilty. Now that Rico knows where the necklace is and he's cozying up to Kyle Masterson, Karen is going to be screwed. If Vikram is the reason Danny now has the necklace, why would he want to set up his own son? Perhaps it was because he killed his sister, Danny's Aunt Tara. But again we still don't know why Danny did that.

So many questions and now a supposedly dead Vikram Desai enters the picture. What do you make of all the latest revelations on Twisted? Hit the comments! 

Three For the Road Review

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