Necessary Roughness Review: Betrayal's a Bitch

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Secrets. Lies. Deceit. Betrayal's a bitch and we're still a little unsure just who was betraying whom. After getting twirled around several times, tonight's Necessary Roughness left us feeling as though we took the "Sucker Punch."

Everything felt as though it was coming together in the penultimate episode of the season, but in the end there seemed to be more questions than answers.

The Fight for V3

TK was set to embark on his medical miracle at the V3 clinic... until Dani gave voice to that nagging doubt that had been haunting him all along. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is and a recovery time of three weeks for a serious injury sounded as ridiculous as it did miraculous. 

Anyone would question Dr. Strauss' fantastic claims, except for Sheera. It was completely disheartening to find that TK's bride-to-be was way more interested in the future of their lingerie company than in TK's well being. 

Before this episode, I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and wondered if she was just a little ditzy and manic. Now it's clear that her motives are strictly selfish. She may care for TK but she's more than willing to put her career above his health and his future. TK deserves better.

I was so relieved when TK got that midnight phone call from Nico... or Snico as TK calls the mystery man. And it was very sweet that TK wanted to look out for India as the fall of V3's medical empire loomed near. 

Dani was on an even more complex roller coaster ride. I knew the second Blake kissed her that someone had to be taking pictures. Dani's reaction to Blake made for one of many kick ass Dr. Santino moments. The best was watching her go toe to toe with the FBI.

Dani looked him straight in the eye when Agent Bennet tried to rattle her. She proved she's not easily intimidated when she told him in this Necessary Roughness quote...

Dani: I think I've made myself clear that I've got nothing to say without the presence of an attorney, so may I go now or are you going to want to audit my income taxes as well. | permalink

In the span of one hour, Dani helped bring down Troy, got Paloma back and got rid of Stuart. Thank goodness for the latter because watching the man pull out ear wax with his pen was really starting to turn my stomach.

In the end there were a couple of shocking turns.

Troy was right all along? Was Connor behind all of the dirty dealings going on at V3, but simply smart enough to make sure he didn't get his fingerprints on any of it. I had no doubt Abby would turn on Troy in the end but was Connor simply playing her for that purpose all along?

Either way, I'm glad Troy's gone. The guy was a sleazy, despicable little weasel. The fact that Connor chose him over Abby to begin with makes me question his judgement.

The second surprise of the night was that it looked like Nico was ready to walk out of Dani's life and start over in Dallas. Was he really done and looking to move on or was he pushing so that Dani would finally make a decision about their relationship?  

Although I expected a little more conversation between the two of them, I loved the look on Nico's face as Dani dropped her robe and walked up the stairs. I suppose conversation can wait until later.

Is V3 headed for a fall? If so, who will be brought down with the rubble? And will we ever meet the mysterious Alex now that he's out of custody? What do you hope to see in next week's season finale of Necessary Roughness?


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