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Rachel's thinking of attending law school 3,000 miles away, Nigel left his prized feline with Louis, Stephen wants to extend his arrangement with Donna and Harvey finally received an offer to put his name on the door.

Without a "Shadow of Doubt," this week's Suits installment was a real game changer.

Because it was the bit that started the episode, it seems most fitting to discuss the love triangle - for lack of a better descriptive term - between Harvey, Stephen and Donna.

Mike's Secret

Clearly, things have been working out well for Stephen and Donna when it comes to their "arrangement." I mean, let's be real, Donna had a glow that stopped Louis in his tracks, even prompting some preliminary inquiries into its cause. We agree, Donna, you really should try that "yoga" routine five or more times a day to maintain it. 

Then again, I would be sure to leave the yoga mat at home, as it seems Harvey isn't much of a fan. But would we really expect him to be? 

If you answered, "NO and a thousand times NO" then you would be correct. This response, however, only leaves us Donna and Harvey shippers with more questions than answers about their past relationship and what "thing" neither of them is trying to wedge between their seemingly impenetrable bond. Next week's flashback episode will most likely clear up many, if not all, of those burning questions.

One burning issue that will necessarily have to take a backseat in the coming week is the revelation that Rachel has applied to - and is apparently seriously considering pending admission - going to Stanford Law. She deserves to go wherever her heart desires and it's not like she hasn't applied to east coast schools. I just worry that the uncertainty of her decision to go or not will continue to be a drawn out plot line that might drag on a little longer than it probably should if the writers go too long without addressing it again (See Royal Pains Season 5). Fingers crossed it won't get to that point!

I have to say, though, that I really liked getting to see Rachel's parents, especially her father for the first time since "Zane vs. Zane," and under considerably more amicable circumstances. I'm glad Mike managed to gain his approval, while Rachel's mom seems like she's super understanding. Pending him becoming a murderer, she's 100% on board with Rachel dating him. 

Going back to the fact that Mike had to be told by a third party Rachel's secret, it certainly brings up the idea of honesty and knowing what it's like to be lied to. Not only did Rachel and Mike work through the issue, so did Jessica and Harvey.

The point Jessica made to Harvey about being treated by Darby as Harvey had been treated by her really caught my attention. It seems she's starting to either truly understand where Harvey's acting out was coming from or really beginning to realize something isn't quite what it seems with Darby.

If only she'd repeated some of her motivations for merging with Darby in the first place - like she shared with Ava - we might have had a full reconciliation and could have skipped the part where Harvey became immediately suspicious of the business card bearing his name as a partner. 

I'm thinking it's a it like she told Ava, just do what you have to do and we'll see if we can't get you out of it later. This is Jessica creating a time machine which may, in time, allow her to regain control of the firm. Adding Harvey to the named-partner roster gives her the three-way leverage to go 2-on-1 with Darby when the time is right and turn the tables, sending the British invasion into retreating as quickly as it came to conquer.

I wonder, though, if we shouldn't be wary of the message it's sending to Harvey. He's acting worse and digging himself into more holes ever since he lost the bid to become partner than he was before. And now that he's placed himself in league with Darby, it almost feels like Jessica has actually signed her own death warrant should Harvey continue to try and punish Jessica for deeming him unfit to be a named partner in the past.

Time, it seems, has been friend to Nigel and Louis rather than the enemy. Their sparring may have placed Louis in a vulnerable position, which he has valiantly tried to climb back from since the Suits Season 3 premiere, yet the love of a feline in common can do so much for a relationship. Pending death of the animal, it seems possible that these two can patch up their broken bromance... or so we hope.

What do you think of Jessica's offer to make Harvey partner? Will Rachel choose to go to Stanford if accepted? Or will she chose Mike instead?

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