Teen Wolf Review: To Find the Nemeton, You Must Die

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"Alpha Pact" had me on the edge of my pillow. I was oohing and awwing my way through the entire episode. If Teen Wolf can follow up the second half of the finale as well as it paced this hour, we're in for a hell of a ride next Monday. 

The scene stealer from the opening was Isaac. He has earned his stripes this season, with his natural humor and charisma and loyalty equaled only by Stiles. Coming in a close third is Peter - and all three of them shared absolutely mesmerizing scenes tonight.

Lydia on Alpha Pact

The look in Peter's eyes after he told Derek he may be able heal Cora using his powers as an alpha was so slyly sinister I wanted to crawl into Peter's brain to understand exactly what he was thinking. Did he want Scott as the new alpha? Did he want to take Derek's place and then battle for alpha status from Scott? He knew the pack was already turning away from Derek and toward Scott after witnessing Isaac's wicked tongue lashing of Derek for doing nothing to save anyone but his sister. 

Still, Derek refused to turn his back on Cora, even knowing the full moon and the lunar eclipse were two days away. He and Peter prepared to heal Cora while elsewhere others in town tried to find the missing parents. What is so difficult about this whole plot line is how very little Cora means to us. While I get that she's Derek's sister, to me she is nothing and the show has done little to endear her to us. That makes Derek look like an absolute ass as he goes full on alpha in an attempt to save her, while most likely going back to beta. 

Peter: I can understand not seeing a downside to this as you haven't exactly been alpha of the year, but think about what else you'll be losing.
Derek: I don't care about power. Not any more.
Peter: What about the power to fight back? Correct me if I'm wrong, but Kali's ultimatum still stands and the full moon is tomorrow night. And if you couldn't beat her as an alpha, how to you think you're going to beat her as a beta? | permalink

Well, Derek, the rest of us do care about your power; and your pack probably could have used your help. Thankfully, they are stronger now without you than they ever were with you at the helm. If Scott doesn't become the new pack leader, they'll have to find a different alpha because after this move, all faith in Derek will be lost.

We finally know where that kiss between Lydia and Stiles was coming from. She stopped a panic attack with a giant smooch. Once those two were together, their Scooby skills kicked in and Stiles realized Lydia hadn't been drawing a tree at all, but the Nemeton - he just had to turn her tree upside down.

There was an FBI Agent in town, probably looking into the fact that the local sheriff had gone missing. Some classic lines between he and Stiles and all around good Teen Wolf quotes during the episode. 

Stiles: So you're asking me to tell you what I wouldn't not tell you?
FBI Agent: First, I have no idea what you just said. Second, how about you just help me help you.
Stiles: Well I don't know how to help you help me tell you something if I don't know it. | permalink

They seemed so familiar with each other, and I had no idea who the agent was at the time. The reveal brought tears to my eyes and an audible gasp from my lips. I'm easy, what can I say? Did you see that coming??

Ms. Morell was busily trying to escape the alphas when Deucalion and Scott stumbled upon them. She finally told us who Motorcycle Girl was - Braden - sent by her to help Isaac and the others as an emissary. She gave Scott the information he needed to make an informed decision about teaming up with Decalion, and Duke apparently didn't quibble at Scott's desire to walk away because suddenly he was with his friends in the quest to find the Nemeton and their parents.

Honestly, that surprised me.

I'm sure Argent had some great plan to overpower Jennifer when he got into the Nemeton, but he wasn't using his best brainpower for that one. She stripped him of all of his weapons (duh!) and he was left unprepared and tied up beside Sheriff Stilinski and Melissa in the Nemeton. Melissa had finally filled in the Sheriff on all of the supernatural details since they had the time to toss some ideas around, and he admitted he had known it for quite some time, but refused to believe.

I have to draw the line at Sheriff Stilinski blaming himself for staying beside a wounded girl at an accident "because he didn't believe" her when she said his wife was dying. He's a fantastic man and even if at his core he did believe, it wouldn't have been any easier for him to walk away from a dying teenager to go to his dying wife. I think even he knows his wife would have rather he stayed with a dying girl that rush away from her to her side. Life if full of horrific decisions, and even knowing about the supernatural, that would be a hellish decision to make. 

So the big ending came down to Dr. Deaton "killing" Stiles, Scott and Allison in those crazy ice baths he loves so much, clutching items keeping them close to their parents, that would somehow ignite the Nemeton and lead them to the unknown location in an attempt to rescue them. Of course, he has to bring them back first....if he assigned the right people to do the job. Lydia for Stiles, Isaac for Allison and Dr. Deaton himself to bring Scott back from the dead. 

It was just before going under that Stiles let Scott know - in case he didn't make it back - that his dad was back in town. They flashed to Scott's bedroom where the FBI agent was on sitting on Scott's bed. Hello Agent McCall!

So what's coming next week in the summer finale? Will Derek lose his powers, making way for Scott to be the next alpha for the pack? Will all three parents make it out alive? What alphas will take a fall? Is it Monday yet???

Alpha Pact Review

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Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Isaac: Why did you do this to us Derek? Was it all about the power? Were you bored? Were you lonely?
Derek: Maybe. I told Cora I wouldn't leave. I'll help the others when I figure out how to help her.
Isaac: There's no time! The full moon's coming. The sheriff and Melissa are going to be dead, so I'm going to help them. You can sit here and perfect the art of doing nothing.

Not to bring up uncomfortable memories; wasn't the last time you saw them the time you killed Kate and they burned you alive?