Twisted Review: Blurred Lines

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Only three episodes of Twisted remain this season and we're finally getting somewhere with the evidence. In the "The Truth Will Out," everyone worked to get Karen Desai to retract her very false confession about killing Regina.

So what, exactly, was the key to reasoning with Karen? It was Danny finally realizing how much his mother loved him and expressing how much he needed her.

Uncovering the Evidence

There were a lot of helpful flashbacks. First, we found out that Danny and Karen kind of had a strained relationship when he was younger and that she once blurted out how she wished she had a daughter. Then, we saw how Vikram and Karen had an agreement that she would lie whenever he was in Connecticut. This is after Karen said at the police station that Vikram never went to Connecticut. 

After what Kyle uncovered about Manor, the company that paid Regina, there was obviously something going on with Vikram in Connecticut. That symbol of the company was that damn necklace! Karen may not have killed Regina but she knows a lot more than she's telling. What's your theory on Karen?

All of the relationships were blurred. Danny didn't realize how much Karen loved him. Danny and Kyle found out about Karen's affair with the principal. Jo walked in on Lacey's dad making out with another man. Danny and Kyle decided to team up. Jo and Lacey decided to stay friends even if Danny leaves. 

The thought of not living here is unbearable sir, and it’s because of your daughter and Lacey. | permalink

I was glad to see Kyle give Danny a break this week, let him stay at his house, then eventually even work with him. This story goes so much deeper than just "who killed Regina?" Everyone honestly needs to start being more honest with each other or we will never have a clue. The honesty between Danny, Lacey, Jo and Kyle about the cash and letter is what helped Kyle get further on this case than ever before.

I can't believe there are only three episodes left on Twisted Season 1. I have a feeling things are going to get more intense as we near the finale. What do you think Karen knows? Will the girls forgive Danny for not telling them about the necklace? What's so special about Connecticut?

The Truth Will Out Review

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