Under the Dome Review: "Thicker Than Water"

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Under the Dome continued on the crazy train in "Thicker Than Water," with stories all over the place. And none of them were particularly compelling.

In Chester's Mill, it's been just over a week since the Dome appeared over the town. But the show, of course, has been on for two months now. Are you drawn to any of the characters? Do you care about them? I wish I did and I really do want to... but I just don't - and that's a problem.

The Mini Dome

Julia and Barbie had chemistry immediately and the secret about what happened to her husband was an obstacle for them to overcome. That situation resolved itself with the foundation of truth and then a few lies. With almost a snap of the fingers, it was resolved. Now, they are a charming couple, but with little substance. 

Meanwhile, the teen pairing of Norrie and Joe started out with so much potential due to their shared seizures, but that has fizzled out a bit. The discovery of the mini-dome provided a new source of insight into the actual dome, but focus was shifted away from that shared investigation to teenage angst and mourning. Now that Norrie is over blaming Joe for her mother's death, I hope they will be back together as the dynamic duo they were before.

With Norrie in mourning, Joe took Julie to the mini-dome with mysterious and insightful results. "The monarch will be crowned," the Vision-Joe said. The sweeping view of Angie's butterfly tattoo made that vision all the more intriguing. Will Angie finally have a real and important purpose?

Her interactions with Junior and now Big Jim have been uncomfortable to watch. Both men seem to covet her, though in different ways. Junior's obsession with her is based on love, but he's unable to express himself in a restrained manner. It's a dangerous relationship for the both of them, but she should fear his father even more.  

Whenever Big Jim looks at Angie, he has a creepy demeanor. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be read as a sexual thing, but it comes across that way. She's becoming a replacement-Rose for him. However, perhaps it's more likely that the look is based on her threat to him. She holds a secret that could bring him down in the eyes of the town.

Jim loves his power and control in the community more than anything. He's proved multiple times he's willing to kill in order to maintain his power position, so she should steer clear of him. The battle for the well was more about his ego than it was about commandeering it for the town's well being.

The confrontation between Jim and Junior was emotional, but there wasn't any real build-up about Junior's mother so it fell flat. When Jim broke down, it didn't have the heart that it could have had because it wasn't earned. It felt disingenuous. Instead, the confrontation that felt real was that between Barbie and Jim. Those two are setting up for an epic showdown.

They both are complex characters who could do anything at anytime. With the two of them at odds, the show could begin to have a bit of sizzle ... maybe. 

Did you buy the confrontation between Jim and Junior? Or do you prefer the coming confrontation between Jim and Barbie? What does the monarch vision mean? And, how does Angie fit in?

Thicker Than Water Review

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