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Tonight's episode of Bones gets a full five stars. All of them. All of the stars to Bones. I would give it 10 stars if I could. Why, you ask?

Because, finally, after months and months and months, this supervillain story is getting somewhere. "The Sense in the Sacrifice" is going down in my book as the best episode of Bones season 9 so far. (Yes, I know, we're only four episodes in, but really? Best so far.)

Tragic Consequences

Pelant is dead! 

It feels super weird to put an exclamation point there, but exclamation indeed. Pelant is dead and we can put that insanity to rest and move on to whackier, zanier, bigger and badder things.

If I only wrote three words in this review--Pelant is dead--and called it a night we could all go home happy, right?

There's so much that I could sit down and nitpick about this episode. Really, there is.

Like how Pelant had time to cart Flynn's body all the way back to the deserted power plant, flay it, carve the bones, cart it back, and arrange it in under 5 hours when it took the entire team to do their parts the first time. 

Or the fact that Angela finally (after months) tripled the firewalls in her crazy computer office, built some sort of techno-bubble, and out-hacked the best hacker ever who used clock radios to spy on all of them. 

Or the fact that Sweets just now realized that Pelant's endgame is that he and Brennan ride off into the sunset together after he leaves her a cryptic constellation-laden love note leading her to his secret lair which she deciphers by herself and goes to apprehend a mass murderer on her own without telling anyone at all where she's going. 

But you know what? I'm so glad this Pelant story is over I can't even bring myselt to dissect the myriad ways that nearly everything that happened to night was implausible and forced. Aside from those previously mentioned, of course.

The opening sequence tonight appropriately set the tone for one of Bones more serious episodes. It had the team working together to carry out what would have been a pretty amazing plan had it worked. Frame the framer to lure him out of hiding. I like it.

I also liked that there were no interns working on this case. How would they possibly choose which intern would take the platform, you know?

Does Wendell get the job because he's my favorite? Does Arastoo get the job because he's dating Cam? 

In moments like this, reducing the number down to the principal cast and those directly affected by Pelant had the most impact on the story. 

It's sort of sad that Flynn is dead because he had potential on the FBI side of the series, but his death reminded us of two of the things about the show which has worked for so long: the team working together as the driving force of the show and Booth's instincts. 

When the team comes together, they're unstoppable. Like Caroline said, Pelant was smart, but together, they are all smarter. Any time they get together and pool their energies and resources and none of them is reduced to a caricature, good things happen.

Booth is a man who listens to his gut. He knows when something isn't right and he knew that Flynn wasn't on Pelant's payroll. Aside from the fact that we've done that once before with Zack and Gormogon, Flynn being yet another innocent Pelant victim made Booth shooting Pelant that much more okay.

And really, Pelant dying was the only possible end for the character. He had to go. For good. And now he's gone.

Now Booth and Brennan can plan a wedding (and live mostly happily ever after).

What did you think of "The Sense in the Sacrifice?" How glad are you that the Pelant story is complete? 

The Sense in the Sacrifice Review

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