Claire Holt Teases The Originals, Bonding with Hayley, Making Like Melrose Place

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Last week, viewers were treated to events in New Orleans from the perspective of Daniel Gilles' Elijah on The Originals premiere.

But now - as the series moves to its regular time slot - the series will shift focus and be all about Rebekah. Correction: All about Rebekah and Marcel!

Claire Holt (and Charles Michael Davis, who we talked with yesterday) have been teasing us for awhile that there’s a hot and steamy past to this two and we'll learn a lot more about it on "House of the Rising Son."

TV Fanatic was front and center at a press-only screening of the episode yesterday and has a chance to speak with Holt and Leah Pipes (Cami) there, as both stars taunted us with what’s on tap. Here are the high points:

Marcel and Rebekah

“Pleased to meet you…NOT!” Rebekah has a lot of first meetings in this episode – with Haley, with Cami and a first time seeing Marcel in a very long time - we quickly learn there is much history there.

It’s all about Elijah. Staked by Klaus at the end of the opener, Elijah MIA but Rebekah is intent on finding him despite Klaus having hidden his sibling. “Her primary goal is to come to New Orleans and find Elijah, so right now that’s what her quest [and] mission is,” said Holt. But something – or someone, more than likely – will be keeping Rebekah in the South for quite some time.

Flashbacks! We go back to 1820 when the Mikaelsons were held up in the Governor’s Mansion in New Orleans. We see yet another example of how Klaus dealt with the men Rebekah fell for. Holt admitted the July days when the shot the scenes were tough but seeing them on screen made up for it. (Yes, she looks AMAZING!)

Rebekah-isms! So many in the episode and many of the initial barbs are fired at Hayley. But don’t expect them to be enemies. “I think there’s sort of a bonding that happens with Haley that is really natural and more of a family type thing,” explained Holt. “They’ve both been betrayed or left behind by their families.”

Who is Cami? We assume she’s human but what else is she about? “There’s a lot more than meets the eye now,” Pipes said. “She has gone through hardships in her life and she’s a very strong girl because of it and kind of gives these vampires a run for their money, which I’m enjoying!”

More Elijah, please! Elijah’s presence is there but Gillies is not hugely featured…yet. The reason? Gillies was tied up shooting the Canadian series, Saving Hope, so the poor guy’s been doing double duty.

Love triangles? What would a CW show be without them, right? “Doesn’t it seem like that?” Pipes asked with a smile. “There’s definitely two girls pining after one guy so that is a triangle, but I think the show is a much more political show than just love triangles... people are going to kiss in this show.” [There’s a scene in tonight’s episode that clearly sets up the Cami-Marcel-Rebekah triangle, FYI]

The Davina threat She’s a teenager... but how powerful is the witch (Danielle Campbell) who Marcel has stowed away in a mysterious attic? While both Holt and Pipes sang Campbell’s praises for being sweet and ‘a young Katie Holmes,’ watch out when Davina emerges. “She’s so sweet in person,” explained Pipes, “and then she’s so amazing to watch change from being the sweet girl who’s just the normal girl and then the camera’s start rolling and she’s a scary, scary witch…she has a long career ahead of her!”

The cast are BFFS! Holt said that everyone in the cast – except Pipes and Campbell (Davina) – are living in the same complex. Yes, the actress used the words “Melrose Place” in describing the living arrangements.

The Originals airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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