Supernatural Round Table: Season 9 Premiere

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Supernatural is back!

And so is the Supernatural Round Table!

Following this week's premiere of Season 9, in which it was clear the brothers have plenty more work to do, TV Fanatic staff members Carissa Pavlica, Carla Day and Sean McKenna - along with Alice from Winchester Family Business - have gathered around their Round Table to debate the best scenes from "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here," Sam as a coma patient and a lot more.

Join in the discussion now...


What was your favorite scene from the Supernatural Season 9 premiere?
Carissa: I don't think I had a favorite scene. I was happy overall to learn that the fallen angels had their grace on earth. It would have been awful to learn they fell and lost everything.

Alice: It's a tie. The scene between Sam and "imagined" Dean outside the cabin, when Sam decided it was time to let go. If only the real Dean had seen that! I guess if he had though there would be no desperate deal, Sam would be dead, and the show wouldn't have been as interesting. Still, my heart breaks over Sam's plea, "It's what I want." The poor guy deserves some peace.

The second scene is when Sam makes Death promise that if he dies, he stay dead. I was so stunned, and very proud that Sam didn't want any more trickery. He was ready to go. Plus Julian Richings as Death rocks. 

Carla: Dean's prayer or really his pleas to the Angels was heartbreaking to watch. He wasn't willing to let his brother die and instead of a deal with a demon which Sam would have hated, Dean turned to Angels. It may not have a much better outcome, but ... let's hope.

Sean: I enjoyed Dean's prayer. He was putting it all out there to save his brothers even if at the back of his mind he knew, there might be consequences. I felt for the brother choosing to call any and all angels. Plus, it also furthered the concept of all the fallen angels out there and the new journey for the season isn't going to be an easy one.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of Sam’s thought process in the coma?
Carissa: I wasn't very happy with his resignation. He was just ready to give up and let it all end as long as nobody else was going to be in pain, etc., at his hands. That sounded good in theory but he wasn't thinking about how important he was to the cause at hand or the moment he left. Leaving Dean just as all the angels fell to earth was a bit of a cop out, no matter his rationale.

Alice: Sam is a very smart and perceptive guy. I'm thrilled he was thinking everything through with maturity and clarity. He even had imagined Dean punching him! He also remembered the past deals and how much people get hurt when he comes back. It was natural and rational and it shows how much Sam has grown. 

Carla: It was difficult to watch Sam so willing to give up. That didn't seem like the Sam that we have known. If he didn't want to live, he would have gone through the trials and it would be a much different world. He wanted to live. It was a good and believable way for Bobby to return.

Sean: Sam has been through so much and getting both sides of the argument in his head felt like the logical way to go. And on the one hand I understand wanting to go and be done, especially after last season finale's emotional and physical breakdown about screwing everything up. I'm just glad he was able to see his brother needed him and there was still work to be done. Their journey isn't over.

Which do you like more: Castiel as an angel or Castiel as a human?
Carissa: I just love Cas. He is an angel and I can't imagine the pain he is going to feel knowing he is unable to help in the way he has traditionally been able. That's going to be tough to watch. As much fun as it was watching him bumble around last season, I think it will be less enjoyable this season. I'd prefer his grace be returned. Plus, I'm going to miss that trench coat!

Alice: To be honest, I'll take Castiel either way. Just the mere fact there will be more Castiel this year and Misha Collins is back to being a regular is good enough for me. The human thing will be really fun to watch though.  He's still hopeful there are good things he can do on earth. He just needs to learn he can't combine whites and darks when doing laundry.    

Carla: I don't know if it's a matter of liking one better than the other. I do like the idea of seeing Cas dealing with being human. It's even more of an adventure for him since some Angels are after him. He's lost his Grace, his abilities, and now he's a liability for the Winchesters. This combination should make for a compelling story.

Sean: I like Castiel period. He's done so much as an angel, and stripping him of his grace and turning human should prove to be another interesting side to his character. Plus, it's going to be tough fighting off other angels who still have powers. I do wonder if the trench coat is gone for good?

What did you think of Dean convincing Sam not to die, but not telling him about Ezekiel?
Carissa: If it gave Sam life, then it works. They've always had secrets from each other, and this one is definitely one he needs. Even the doctor said it's in God's hands, and now, clearly, Sam is in the next best thing since the door to heaven is sealed.

Alice: I thought it was a horrible thing to do, but then again, it was in character.  He said it best, "There ain't no me if there ain't no you."  By not telling Sam though, he took the decision away from his brother, a decision he knew Sam wouldn't make, and that doesn't sit well with me.  But Dean was desperate, and he's already drowning in guilt so what's a little more?  Oh hell, it's going to eat him alive.  That's what makes good drama!

Carla: He acted in a very Winchester manner. He couldn't risk Sam refusing Ezekiel's help. Throughout the years, we've seen that they aren't complete without the other. And, there's a war going on. Dean will need Sam to save the world ... once again.

Sean: It was true Dean in that impassioned speech to save his brother and convince him to not die. Sure, the Ezekiel secret will probably blow up in his face, but for now it's helping fix Sam. The brothers are clearly meant to fight on together and it was the last resort.

Is Ezekiel possessing Sam a good thing?
Carissa: Yes. Unless I misunderstood, his plan is to gain strength while in Sam and then heal him from within and eject himself when Sam is recovered. Sam will undoubtedly recognize Ezekiel, as this isn't the first time he's been to the possession rodeo. He'll and try to rebel, but he'll get over it. At least he's not going to be hearing the voice of Lucifer in his head. Like he said at the end, "we've got work to do."

Alice: Define good. Sure, it's good in that he's the only thing keeping Sam alive.  But it's also really bad because remember Hael's double cross of Castiel?  Why do I have this feeling that a few months down the road, when the angel situation gets really out of control, Ezekiel is going to step forward as the new leader in his strong, freakishly tall, long-hair-flowing-in-the-breeze Winchester vessel?  Dean is going to get burned by this, I tell ya!  This is Supernatural after all. 

Carla: Is it good? I'd say no, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad thing. Dean took a chance to save his brother and made the best decision that he could given the circumstances. We'll have to wait to see whether it turns out to be a good thing or not.

Sean: It's good in the sense that it is helping fix Sam. It's also kind of cool to see Jared Padalecki play another version of his character. I agree with Alice about feeling like down the road when Ezekiel gains his strength back that things are going to go horribly wrong and the "helpful" deal might backfire. Can they really trust angels? Can they really trust a deal to be so simple? I'm looking forward to seeing where it all goes.

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