The Vampire Diaries Scoop: Kat Graham Teases Conflict with Jeremy, Entering The Other Side

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Bonnie Bennett is not used to being powerless.

It's always been quite the opposite for this witch, in fact, as Kat Graham's beloved Vampire Diaries character has often held the magic key to get herself and her friends out of almost any jam on this CW hit.

But there was nothing Bonnie could do at the conclusion of last week's season opener when Silas murdered her father in the Mystic Falls town square and all Bonnie was left screaming and crying into the ether, with no one around to hear or help. What will be the fallout of that heinous act on tonight's "True Lies?"

"She's always been able to fix any situation, so she assumes that will happen with this," Graham told me over the phone this afternoon. "She turns to Jeremy and he tries to get her to come to terms with the reality."

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Along with comforting her over the death of her dad, Jeremy will try to convince Bonnie that it's time to come clean to her friends, to reveal that she's actually dead.

"I can't say if that happens tonight, and I can't even say if she's part of the decision, but it leads to a conflict with Jeremy," the actress teased. "He's always been this amazing support system and if he stops supporting her desire to keep her death a secret, there will be major problems."

But while Bonnie's status may cause problems for her and Jeremy, it will also answer a few questions for viewers on The Vampire Diaries Season 5, chiefly: What the heck is The Other Side all about?

"We've seen all these characters come and go, but nobody knows what happens to them," Graham said of that unknown space between life and death, adding simply: "You will get to see that this season. And it's really cool."

Does that mean we're in store for more Alaric? Lexi? Is anyone who has passed away up for grabs at some point? "I'd say so," is all Graham could reveal.

Some characters, of course, will not be returning to The Vampire Diaries, as Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah and company have picked up their figurative belongings and moved to The Originals. Graham admits to missing her friends on set, but says it really is like "one big happy family" in Atlanta where both shows shoot.

It also sounds like she scarcely has time to see everyone, though, as Graham's music career is moving full speed ahead: the new single "Power" is now available on iTunes; she'll be releasing the full music video for it tomorrow; and she'll also be performing on Arsenio Hall's new talk show tomorrow night.

Look for an app for her website to be released in the near future, as well, giving fans an easy way to keep up with her appearances and tour dates.

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 continues tonight at 8/7c on The CW. Return to TV Fanatic shortly after the episode for my full review. And rest in peace, Mayor Bennett.

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