Beauty and the Beast Midseason Finale: Explosive Sneak Peek!

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Beauty and the Beast will close out 2013 a month early on Monday.

On the show's midseason finale (titled "Man or Beast?"), Vincent and Gabe will arrive at a crossroads in their relationship, finding themselves at odds over how to deal with Agent Reynolds.

And Vincent will find himself asking a rather pressing question: Is he more beast than man?

In the following exclusive clip, provided to TV Fanatic by The CW, we see Cat and Gabe's car race down the country road following an explosion at Tori's penthouse.

Get your first look at Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 8 now:

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Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Cat: I know he is a terrible man and he has only done terrible things to you. But he is not a beast. He is a human being and you can't just kill somebody in cold blood. You can't cross that line again, otherwise...
Vincent: Otherwise what?
Cat: Otherwise you lose your humanity.

Now I need you to stop being afraid and start getting pissed at what they're doing to us, what they want - and they want to kill us. We're not gonna let them, are we? No. We're gonna hunt them down. We are gonna find them and we are gonna stop them. And we are gonna kill them.