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Is Vincent more beast than man? That's the main question on the midseason finale.

Vincent talks Tori into beasting out so they can save themselves.
Cat, Gabe and Tess arrive at the scene of the blast and Cat refuses to believe it can end like with the bombing.
Bob used the fireproof beast to rig Tori's apartment, and he assures Bob that he's been killed. He was wrong.
Vincent is in Cat's apartment with Tori.
Vincent tells Cat that Tori amplified his power and that's the only way he was able to escape. 
Vincent wants to kill Bob, but Cat tells him if he walks down that road he will lose his humanity. Killing a human is not the same as killing a beast.
Tess talks sense into Cat.
Tori doesn't believe that Cat will go after her own father.
Gabe wants to try to get Cat's father to incriminate himself. He wants to use evidence to prove that Vincent and Tori are actually dead and that evidence, 
by way of a body, is there to point fingers at him.
Vincent tries to teach Tori to be a beast.
As J.T. and Tess search for Zach, J.T. asks Tess why she didn't respond to his texts. 
Gabe and Cat visit Bob to try to get him concerned about the accomplice turning on him via the body. 
Tori kills the acomplice, when they needed him alive.
Cat is angry at Tori for killing the accomplice and Tori is angry at Cat for allowing her father to remain alive.
Tori tries to get Vincent to stop fighting his inner nature, their inner nature.
Gabe wants to convince Bob that he is the one who is blackmailing him.
Gabe takes the bait.
Bob calls Cat to meet with her and say goodbye, as his section chief has assigned him elsewhere.
Bob tries to tell Cat that he had to kill all of the beasts to make amends for helping to create them. As she is driving him to the precinct, Vincent jumps 
onto her car, causing an accident. He pulls Bob from the car.
While Vincent has Bob pinned up against the wall, Cat begs him at gunpoint to let him live.
Vincent does like Cat's reasoning and once again grabs Bob's throat. Cat shoots him.
Bob tells Cat he will confess to everything, except the beasts, because he doesn't want them going to Cat for answers. He wants it all to end for Cat. He 
tells her one day she'll thank him for giving her a normal life.
Cat cries in Gabe's arms.
Vincent attempt to patch himself up on his boat, and Tori shows up. 
Beauty and the Beast
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Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Cat: I know he is a terrible man and he has only done terrible things to you. But he is not a beast. He is a human being and you can't just kill somebody in cold blood. You can't cross that line again, otherwise...
Vincent: Otherwise what?
Cat: Otherwise you lose your humanity.

Now I need you to stop being afraid and start getting pissed at what they're doing to us, what they want - and they want to kill us. We're not gonna let them, are we? No. We're gonna hunt them down. We are gonna find them and we are gonna stop them. And we are gonna kill them.