Chicago Fire Review: A Firehouse Undivided

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NBC certainly knew how to capture our attention on Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 7.

Between Boden’s multiple brushes with death, Casey’s emotional goodbye to the boys, and, to top it all off, a late addition to the Severide family tree, this was quite the involved installment.

Tanker Fire

For most of Chicago Fire Season 2, Boden has been constantly taking his situation with as much reaction as he could possibly muster. He's been attempting to be a company man and to fight for his firehouse by doing what is asked of him by the State and Gail.

Boden is originally willing to go along with all of these requests because he cares about his house and the safety and security of those in it above all else.

It’s that same passion for his people that is making Boden go on the offensive, to be proactive; Benny recognizes Boden is the heart of what makes Station 51 what it is and the looks on everyone’s faces when they saw Gail do her small victory lap after they worked incredibly to do their jobs in harsher conditions was just further confirmation that Boden’s decisions weren’t made for his own sake.

Speaking of Gail, she’s doing her job and she’s doing it well, but I’m ready for something deliciously awful to happen to her.

Boden’s brushes with death were the events that were holding him back. His cancer scares and his retirement package fed into one another. He was retiring early because he didn’t know how much time he lad left, and once one piece was cleared away, it took the other with it. I’m glad Boden is back to fighting.

Casey’s final minutes with the boys put a large lump in my throat; it’s a rather abrupt conclusion to the story. It’s sad that Heather is pulling her children away from a home they have known and a father figure they trust all in the name of a fresh start.

Casey does best when he has a role to fulfill. So far over the course of the series, he has had a series of losses and with those losses comes another loss of a role. Haley had a devastating effect on him and the boys may have an even greater one. He was thinking and acting like a father this week - and now he’s left without that role too.

Severide’s discovery of Katie was not something I was expecting. I’m all for the show expanding his family bit by bit - I loved Benny after all - but I’m curious how she’s going to fit in with his life.

Benny has the father figure role down pat; the guy can dish out some great fatherly wisdom without batting an eye just so long as you do what he says and not emulate what he does.

A Few More Thoughts:

  • Shay’s PTSD is beginning to seep out from her life and into her work now. I’m hoping Jeff begins to work with her more to get her help because Dawson, for some reason, is not getting through to Shay.
  • Jeff’s character is really starting to amp up. The things he dealt with are still very much in his present and not his past, and those very issues are what gives him a helping hand with the firehouse but causing hell for him at home.
  • Mills is finally beginning to move on from his hatred. He is beginning to see Boden as the man he is now, and as the man who puts his life on the line every day for strangers, friends and family alike. The time he spends hating him is time he’ll never get back, and he knows that it’s better for him to work through it and move on.
  • Hermann studying for the lieutenant test is long overdue.

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