Community Season 5: First Photos!

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Class is about to be back in session in Greendale Community College.

On January 2, NBC will air the first two episodes of Community Season 5, following a lengthy hiatus for the series and a really lengthy hiatus for creator Dan Harmon:

He returns to the helm after being forced out at the conclusion of Community Season 3.

What will the opening pair of installments - titled "Repilot" and "Introduction to Teaching," respectively - entail? We have no idea, really, except for Jeff in a suit... Abed with some crazy hair... the debut of Jonathan Banks as a professor... and a murderer rat.

Click through images now and get excited: COMMUNITY IS COMING BACK@

Fiery Community Scene
Community Season 5 Premiere Pic
Jeff Makes a Speech
Chang in a Robe
Dapper Jeff
Rob Corddry as Alan Connor
Jeff Makes a Plan
Crazy Abed
Abed and Britta Pic
Troy Image
Jonathan Banks on Community
A Stabbed Rat
Dean in a Kimono
Alan and Jeff
Dejected Jeff

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Community Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

The teachers here are teachers because they did something wrong--same as the students!


Shut up, Leonard. Nice earring--you look like the road manager of the California Raisins.