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Can we just all take a minute to talk about whether or not we think the acapella version of Fergie's "Glamorous" was cheesy or amazing? Or is it both?

Unfortunately, I fall in the camp that laughed the first time I saw Jenny and Co. performing it. Also, this is the answer to a question in the NYMag's: "How well do you know Gossip Girl?" quiz.

Also noteworthy, Gossip Girl season 1 episode 3 is the first time the epic phrase "I'm Chuck Bass" was uttered.

Let's Talk

We've all heard it so many times at this point, I forgot when it even originated. "Poison Ivy" is really the first time we see Chuck as more of a laid back, entertainingly careless guy and not just a straight up douche bag.

Nate and his conscience continue to make an appearance when he realizes the only reason he got the Dartmouth usher position was because he was Nate Archibald. He felt bad and knew Dan really deserved it over him.

Dan on the other hand was rightfully frustrated but he was also rocking a woe-is me attitude. I cracked up at how presumptuous he was when Serena ran into the assembly and said "Please tell me it's not over" and assumed she was talking about their 2 date relationship.

Serena: (seeing Dan walking up to her with a plate) You're still here?
Dan: Yeah, well, I thought I couldn't leave without bringing you something from craft service. Um, and, uh, and telling you that I'm sorry I judged you.
Serena: Well, I'm sorry I gave you reason to.
(Dan smiles a little)
Serena: Hey, how about you ask me out again?
Dan: How about you actually show up?
Serena: (smiles) Okay. No drama. No disruptions. I promise.
Dan: You promise? Oh, no! That means it's never gonna happen now.
Serena: Aah! Okay, quick. I take it back. I unpromise.
Dan: Friday. 8:00.
Blair: (walking up to them) I think we can agree to those terms...but you can't wear those shoes. Mmm, or that hair.
Serena: Blair.
Dan: (laughs) Oh.
Serena: Okay, see you then.
Blair: Eww. (turns away as Serena kisses Dan on the cheek and hugs him)
Dan: All right. (smiles and walks away)

This episode was the pinnacle of Serena and Blair's first fight. It got physical in school, you know that one time we saw them participate in a sport. Blair and Chuck teamed up to find out what Serena was hiding, because really what else does Chuck have to do? At least we saw him back in his limo this week and not on public transportation like in the Gossip Girl Season 1 Episode 1.


The Ivy Week Mixer was the big event of the episode. Blair was set to humiliate Serena by outing her as a patient at The Ostroff Center, a place that would become very dear to all of our hearts over the course of the series. What Blair didn't realize was that her outfit was the most embarrassing part of it all. I just remember twitching when it first aired, thinking "Jeez how are we supposed to think this girl is the Queen B and fashion icon?"

Also what mother would allow their teenage daughter to wear a dress with cutouts to a school mixer with people from college admissions? Oh yeah, Lily Van Der Woodsen. Stupid question!

Well, after that takedown scene with Serena completely protecting Eric and shouldering the heat, Eric stepped up and schooled Blair in what an idiot she'd been. The confrontation between Serena and Blair at Central Park in the rain is still one of my favorites of the entire series. It was beautifully shot and a vulnerable moment for both girls.

Lastly we had the beginning of the Jenny and Eric friendship, one of my favorite pairs! Overall, a great episode in what was a great Gossip Girl Season 1.

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