Masters of Sex Review: "Love and Marriage"

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Virginia Johnson has been very ambitious about her career and knowledge since the beginning of the series.

Masters of Sex Season 1 Episode 8 showed how she went about taking the next step to becoming a certified doctor.

Unfortunately, Virginia had to go through the stubborn Dr. DePaul first.

Filming the Research

Dr. DePaul has made no secret of her distaste of Virginia. I don't even think DePaul knows that Masters and Johnson have started sleeping together for the study, but she assumes that Virginia gets by on her sexuality and ambitious personality.

Depaul: Why would you want to get a degree? You seem to be doing just fine using your other assets.
Virginia: Because I’d like to avoid comments like that in the future.

Luckily Virginia happens to be intelligent and interested in her education. It was evident by her knowledge and participatory nature in class that becoming a doctor is something she legitimately yearns for. DePaul softened to her when she realized that. It also helps that Virginia has made an earnest effort.

We find out after DePaul's presentation one of the reasons why she is so strident in getting a research grant for cervical cancer. It could also explain some of her unhappy demeanor as well. DePaul has cervical cancer herself. When she told Bill she "had six months" he assumed she meant six months to get the grant. I assumed when she said it that she meant six months to live. The foreshadowing was definitely there.

On a lighter note, Bill gets Lester the tech guy to implant a camera into Ulysses, their vibrator extraordinaire. Jane agrees to be the first subject and Bill and Virginia get to be the first ones to view footage from behind the front lines. It's interesting that Virginia remarked he was turned on by the footage, but he really he was turned on by the knowledge that no one else had seen what him and Virginia had.

I've noted in past reviews that I think Bill and Virginia are walking a fine line between work and disaster by participating in the studies themselves. You could see how Virginia got nervous when Jane was telling the story about her cousin. I wonder if things will change now that Libby is pregnant again?

On the subject of having sex with someone who is not his or her partner, Margaret and Austin called off their affair. It freaked him out in Masters of Sex Season 1 Episode 7 when Margaret expressed her feelings towards him. Luckily Austin has no trouble picking up women. I felt bad for Margaret but I was proud of her for telling Barton how their marriage was breaking her. It's a painful thing for both of them, she just doesn't know the truth about what Barton is going through.

Ethan, meanwhile, is totally in over his head. He bought a ring for Vivian because he reasoned it was the next step, not out of love. He didn't even get to properly propose to her because she was insanely eager to make sure everything was perfect and he ended up blurting it out! That scene in the cafeteria was so awkward.

Everyone seems to be moving forward on Masters of Sex. What do you think will happen will Bill and Virginia's study? Will she be able to complete her degree? What will happen with Barton and Margaret's marriage?

Love and Marriage Review

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Masters of Sex Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Stay single. When you’re young and in love, you think you’re the exception.

Margaret [to Dale]

We’re scientists. Not arsonists.