NCIS Sneak Peek: Meet the New Girl!

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Next week marks the start of a new chapter on NCIS, as Emily Wickersham joins the cast. She's not Cote de Pablo's replacement, per se, but she is her successor.

Comparisons will be made because she's occupying a series regular spot that became available when Ziva was written off the show on NCIS Season 11 Episode 2.

Her character, Eleanor "Ellie" Bishop, will the be judged by the very high standards of the audience, but NCIS' producers clearly like what she brings to the table.

Next Tuesday, after discovering the Secretary of the Navy was bugged during a confidential briefing, NSA Analyst Bishop partners with the NCIS team.

It turns out she predicted the security breach in exact detail two years ago, and inevitably her expertise in the field lands her a full-time gig under Gibbs.

Check out the promo for NCIS Season 11 Episode 9, "Gut Check," below ...

For a rundown on yesterday evening's NCIS Season 11 Episode 8, "Alibi," read our official review and stay tuned for our weekly Round Table Q&A discussion.

In the meantime, click to enlarge photos from next week as well:

The Body in the Parking Lot
Leading to Murder
Working With the NSA
How Did She Know?
NSA Analyst Ellie Bishop

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NCIS Season 11 Episode 9 Quotes

Bishop: It doesn't make any sense.
Tony: What now, Russell Crowe? Hasn't your beautiful mind gotten you in enough trouble today?

Gibbs: You forgot something.
Bishop: Ahh, that's not mine.
Gibbs: It's got your name on it.
Bishop: This is my NCIS application from years ago. Before I took the job at NSA. How did you know about this?
Gibbs: Your name sounded familiar. I went back and looked it up.
Bishop: That's why you took me along today. You play chess too.
Gibbs: I wanted to see if you're still up for a challenge.
Bishop: Why?
Gibbs: I'd like to keep you around. Joint duty assignment.