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This second part of the season-opening story has Tony traveling to Israel to hunt for Ziva, while at home, Gibbs and the team discover the name of the assassin who tried to kill Tony.  Fornell is assigned to protect one of the Brotherhood of Doubt's supposed targetd, millionaire Tomas Mendez.  While on their way to visit someone in hospital, a bomb goes off, killing the person they were going to see. Months pass, and Tony finally finds Ziva, who is determined not to come back to NCIS.  After meeting with disgraced Captain Wayne at a diner, Gibbs is attacked on his way to his vehicle but manages to subdue the attacker and bring him in for questioning.  McGee discovers that the various phone calls made by the terrorists originate from a company that Mendez owns.  They determine that the signal that has detonated the bombs have been coming from Mendez' phone.  Tobias is unaware of Mendez' complicity and so has no idea that the man the two of them are going to visit is yet another of Mendez' targets, and that a bomb is planted within the target's residence. Before Mendez can send the signal, Gibbs shoots and kills him, winging Tobias in the process.  Tony and Ziva have their Casablanca moment at the Israeli airport, where they say goodbye to each other.

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NCIS Season 11 Episode 2 Quotes

SecNav Porter: Agent Gibbs, with your reputation, I expected Parsa to be disposed of long before now. So, do tell me, please: what sort of help am I not providing?
Gibbs: Influence.

Ziva: Tony. You are so...
Tony: Handsome? Funny? What?
Ziva: Loved.