Nikita Review: Welcome Home

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Team Nikita is back together! Well, sorta. 

After three months on her own, Nikita has rejoined the team with the guys, while Alex and Sonya are on their own mission in India. Even though she took off in order to protect her family, they continued to investigate Amanda and the Shop in order to stop them.

Horribly Wrong

It's difficult to say whether Nikita made the best decision by leaving or not, but at this point she must stay. Nikita has stirred up trouble for their foes and even though people are dying, she'd be putting them at even greater risk if she leaves. Before Nikita's emergence from hiding, Amanda was content with her plan. Now, she's back into witch mode and ready to strike out if and when necessary.

Nikita Season 4 Episode 2 revealed more about what is actually going on, but both Amanda's and the Shop's end games are a mystery. As is who is actually in charge. While Amanda appears to believe that she's in control, if her plan gets skewed at all she may well be expendable.

Team Nikita figured out that the high level people who have been acting out of character and traitorous aren't doing it out of mind control. Rather, they have been replaced with doppelgangers who are loyal to the mission. Alex prevented the shipment of the next doppelganger. They don't know who was going to be replaced, but they know the target's general characteristics.

Amanda and the Shop are using Nikita as a not only a scapegoat for their plan, but also as a trigger of some sort to cause problems between the United States and Pakistan. Nikita's "assassination" of the President is slowly being tied to the Pakistani government through an off-shore account.

The even more troubling aspect seems to be the likelihood that Amanda is setting up Alex up as the third party that funded Nikita. There probably is an actual money trail that wouldn't have to be faked that can be used. Alex is the one who set up the team's mobile command center through Udinov.

At this point, it's Team Nikita vs. Amanda and the Shop. Which side will be able to sell their version of the story to the press and to the government? 

Amanda believes that she's backstopped the DNA for Graham. If she's correct, then killing Faux-Graham was for naught. Though, perhaps there's another way to prove he wasn't the real Graham. Once the government knows there are fakes in their midst, it becomes a whole different situation.

With only four episodes left, it won't be long before this all plays out. While Amanda appears to be in control, Nikita has lost her edge. She wasn't able to take the kill shot on the Faux-Graham even after the real Graham demanded that she followed through. While she thanked Michael for doing it, will she be able to rebound?

It's not going to help that Michael pushed her away. He made it clear that he'll be there for her and the team on the mission, but there's no more Michael and Nikita. He won't fight for them. It was a sad moment, though ... she's only been back a short time. He's angry and he has every right to be.

If they both make it out of this alive, I have hope that they will find their way back to each other. And, they probably both still have hope as well no matter how deep they are burying it. 

The big problem right now is that Amanda has "one more ace in the hole" that could cause major problems for them. Is it Birkhoff? Or, is it NSA Associate Director Ronald Peller or someone else?

Even though it was hinted at that Birkhoff is the secret asset, I don't think it's him. He did keep Peller a secret from Ryan, but there could be another reason for that. Perhaps Birkhoff knows Peller? Could he be Birkhoff's father? Or, someone else from his past? That would be an intriguing twist and one I'd prefer.

Birkhoff's actions up until that moment showed no signs that he was a doppelganger, so if that turns out to be the case, I'll be disappointed. The team already has one person that has turned on them in Owen. They don't need another.

Nikita season 4 has turned into a fast-paced, thrill ride to the finish!

Will Nikita and Michael find their way back to each other? Who is Amanda's secret asset? Should Sonya trust Owen/Sam?

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