Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Review: The Pure of Heart

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Only the pure of heart shall make the leap. 

On Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Season 1 Episode 5, we got a glimpse into The Red Queen's past and how she once took a leap, but where she landed on the other side wasn't quite where she expected.

In the beginning of the series I felt the Red Queen was the weak link in this saga. How things have changed.

Becoming the Red Queen

I've loved getting look back at how a beautiful girl named Anastasia was banished by her greedy, selfish mother and ended up in Wonderland with nothing. In the beginning she and Will were full of pure hope. He vowed to love her for who she truly was. Now he must be wondering if he ever knew her at all.

Wonderland didn't turn out quite how they expected when they jumped through the looking glass, as Anastasia explained in this Once Upon a Time in Wonderland quote…

When I first heard about Wonderland I figured that the wonder was short for wonderful, not wonder how we're going to make it.


There wasn't anything romantic about starving and scavenging for food. Anastasia craved more and it wasn't what Will Scarlett could give her. So when the King caught her stealing his royal jewels and offered to make her queen, she barely hesitated.

When Will saw her up on that parapet on the King's arm, he was truly crushed.

Yet there must be some small part of the Red Queen's heart that still belongs to Will Scarlett, considering she did everything she could to release him from his stone prison.

Alice and the Red Queen's journey to find the magic dust took a turn I didn't expect. It wasn't the Queen going back on her word to Alice. That wasn't a surprise at all.

But finding little Alice at the bottom of that hole was quite creepy. The young girl reminded me of something from the movie The Ring. I was half hoping Alice would take her sword to her former self just to get her off the screen.

Thankfully Alice not only passed the test with little Alice, she was also smart enough to hold some dust back from the Red Queen to help her find Cyrus.

Jafar and the White Rabbit were borderline comical tonight.

Jafar: I'm intrigued by you Rabbit.
The White Rabbit: Not in a main course kind of way, I hope.
Jafar: Rest easy, you're far too valuable to cook.

But apparently a rabbit's foot wasn't out of the question. Kudos to the special effects department as that twitching paw made quite an impression on me. I was torn between wanting to laugh and being repulsed.

The Red Queen's backstory definitely sucked me in this week. I'm intrigued to see more of her story and find out why she's stuck working with Jafar. And will Alice finally reunite with Cyrus or will he break out of his prison just in time to miss her as she arrives to save him? 

We'll have to wait until next week's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland to find out.

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