Supernatural Round Table: "Bad Boys"

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There was a trip down memory lane for Dean. A flashback to his 16-year old self. And a Josh Brolin lookalike.

Yes, Supernatural Season 9 Episode 7 gave our weekly Round Table team plenty to analyze discuss, so why not join TV Fanatics Sean McKenna, Carissa Pavlica and Alice from The Winchester Family Business below as they do exactly that?


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Carissa: For me it was when Dean actually left a restaurant (!!) without eating when the girl he remembered pretended she didn't remember him. He was so hurt. When we later learned he almost went to his first dance with her and just how special they were to each other, it was kind of heartbreaking.

Alice: Only one made me really smile.  When Dean met Timmy.  He taught him how to do a proper handshake, kung-fu grip and everything.  Dean has always been wonderful with kids, and it just melts a fan girl’s heart that he took the time to show a shy little kid who lost everything how to show some confidence.  It’s almost like he’d been there at one point.  He probably had.

Sean: That final scene of young Dean excited to go to the dance and then learning it was time for him to go back with his father. It was not only a chance where we saw a more innocent version of Dean, but one who realized where his place currently was: protecting Sam and hunting with his father. It wasn't necessarily what he wanted but he didn't fight or kick or scream when the time came, especially for someone at that age.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

Was the ghost storyline of the episode scary or bland?
Carissa: I didn't even really pay attention to the ghost story. The whole hour felt more like a coming of age story for both Dean and the kids that were currently at the house. I liked that Dean got to go back to someplace that meant so much to him and wave his badge around and do what he does best.

Alice: It wasn’t scary, but I wouldn’t call it totally bland.  It was an interesting parallel with Dean’s current situation of the consequences of not letting go.  I felt for Timmy being put in that situation.  However, certain parts of it were definitely bland and textbook, like the murders.  It’s hard to get scared when all the normal cues that have been there for nine seasons are still used.

Sean: I wanted it to be scary like I was excited to dig into a ghost story. But the more it went on, the less I cared, the less creepy it was, and the more I wanted to go back to the Dean flashbacks. I understand it was trying to parallel Dean's story, but it felt like more of a waste unfortunately.

Were you glad to see some of Dean's past?
Carissa: Absolutely. I've always enjoyed their origin stories, and this one really hit me. Thinking of John out there beeping the horn as Dean excitedly dressed for the dance just really hit me. The way he manned up and left - for Sam - was so very Dean. They've always been there for each other.

Alice: Absolutely, even though they didn’t get the age right (he should have been 13 or 14, not 16).  But what I enjoyed it this turned out to be a very good time in his life, probably character defining.  We haven’t seen too many happy stories for Dean so it was refreshing to see such a positive experience in his life.  He got to experience a normal teenage life for a least a few months.  I would have never imagined him getting nervous over taking a girl to the dance.  Of course he gave it all up for Sammy.  That’s pure Dean. 

Sean: For sure. We've gotten mentions of Dean's past here and there, and a few short glimpses, but this one was pretty eye-opening. It was definitely at a time where Dean was growing and maturing, and soon moving beyond any of the normal teenage stuff. It was great to see him try and live that life and then watch him step up for Sam when the time came.

What did you think of Dylan Everett's portrayal of Dean?
Carissa: He did a great job. As a whole, the casting department has consistently done really well at picking kids are good actors and aesthetically similar to Ackles and Padalecki, so it brings a lot of realism to their back story in an almost haunting way. It would be really cool to see an episode where they are kids and flash forward to their future...

Alice: I think he was the best young Dean yet!  He had all the mannerisms down, something that only Colin Ford as young Sam has done before. He looked like Dean too, which makes it convincing.  It’s a shame they couldn’t have used him sooner in other flashback episodes.

Sean: He was fantastic. I truly believed it was Dean and not just an actor playing the young version. We got to see all the Dean-isms and see that younger more innocent version. It was very well-done acting and I hope we see him again.

Is there a character from any of the past seasons that you'd love to see return in Supernatural Season 9?
Carissa: I'm so bad at remembering characters. Really very bad at it. The only person I can think of is Benny because I adore Ty Olssen. He's always welcome back. He's already dead, so he wouldn't be plagued by the rules Alice mentioned. LOL.

Alice: Hmm, good question.  I’ve always been fond of Gabriel and Chuck, but I don’t want to see them back unless it serves the story...Jodie Mills is already coming back...Bobby was already back this was Charlie...I thought I heard Garth would be back...nope, I got nothing.  Considering when a character usually comes back it results in death (Lenore, Sarah for example) it’s probably best they stay away.

Sean: I would love to see John Winchester come back, as in Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Obviously, with a relevant story and not just some ghost version. Whether it be a flashback involving him and his sons or his miraculous but mysterious return to Earth, it would be fun to see his interactions and relationships with Sam and Dean now. After all, a lot has happened since his death and the Winchester brothers have come a long way. Plus, I always enjoyed him as a character.

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