Supernatural Round Table: "Heaven Can't Wait"

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Welcome back to the Supernatural Round Table.

The latest installment of this CW hit focused on Castiel as an employed human, while also featuring an appearance by Crowley.

Below, TV Fanatics Carissa Pavlica and Sean McKenna are joined by Alice from The Winchester Family Business to breakdown Supernatural Season 9 Episode 6. Care to join them?


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Carissa: Castiel and the baby. It seems in his spare time he's been watching some good vintage television since he knows all the words to Greatest American Hero. He'd make a great family man some day. I wonder what ever happened to the family that belonged to his skin.

Alice: That’s really hard.  I liked the episode overall, but not one scene really stood out as a big favorite.  I’ll go with Crowley talking with Abbadon, just because it was something different.

Sean: Definitely Crowley on the phone. Mark Sheppard continually stands out as the character and watching him deal with getting put on hold or transferred, dealing with Abaddon and calling Sam a moose just made the moment that much more enjoyable. That character has always shined when on screen.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What do you think of Castiel's separation from the Winchesters and how Supernatural Season 9 has handled the transition?
Carissa: I still don't like it, but I like how Dean handled his apology and told him he was proud of him for making a go of being human and making a difference in his new life.

Alice: I think it’s logical.  He needs to get on with his life and adjust to his new circumstances.  After all, hanging out in the bunker hasn’t really done Kevin any favors!  I just don’t like the reason why they’re separated.  At least Dean apologized for making him leave.

Sean: I still don’t like it, and am trying to wrap my head around why Castiel has to fend for himself. It’s not like being away from Sam and Dean means he’ll never be in danger. I’m glad Dean said sorry, but it just felt like the whole issue was glossed over as no big deal. As much as I like the human element to Castiel’s journey, I’m not sure I’m enjoying how things have turned out because of it. Guess we’ll see what the payoff for that will be.

Will Nora be Castiel's love interest this season? Do you want her to be?
Carissa: It would be sweet if he got to have a love story, but something tells me it's not going to happen. She appreciates him, but it's too late to be the one after treating him like an employee even outside of the office. He deserves someone who sees how special he is from the get go.

Alice: No, and no.  I’m sorry, you wanted more?  Because this show doesn’t need love interests.  It needs angel vs. demons action, with the Winchesters square in the middle.  Love interests have never served this show well.

Sean: Nah, I’m OK without it, especially since she turned to him as a babysitter first. It’d be interesting to see him forge his own love story, but on this show, those usually don’t end well for the ladies.

Why was Crowley injecting himself?
Carissa: I assume he's trying to get some of whatever Kevin's got running through his veins. Not that I truly understand what that is. Maybe it will make it difficult for Abaddon to track him or something?

Alice: At first I thought it’s because he was jonesing for the human blood like an addict, but when I remembered he specifically requested Kevin’s blood earlier, my mind changed.  I honestly have no flipping idea.  I just hope it ends up being a payoff to something and not some dropped plot thread.

Sean: Does Kevin’s blood have superpowers? Does it make him more human? Crowley definitely has something up his sleeve and while I have no clue what it could be, it’s good to see he isn’t just sitting in chains and moping.

If the spell that cast the angels from Heaven is irreversible (or is Crowley lying?), what can Sam and Dean do?
Carissa: I think Crowley is lying. Or, misleading. The spell may be irreversible but there may be a different spell to get their asses back where they belong. A new spell, not the same spell. Crowley wouldn't want to tell them the truth. Or, what if killing him is the key to returning things to normal? That would be unfortunate. There's definitely a catch.

Alice: Nothing is irreversible on Supernatural!  There’s always a way.  I don’t think Crowley was lying.  I just think he left out a key bit of information.  Like there was an “Except...” and he didn’t share.  That crafty Crowley.  I didn’t buy his whole passive act after talking with Abaddon.  He’s the king of loopholes, he knows something and has a plan.

Sean: Crowley doesn’t so much lie as just leave out parts of the whole story. There’s got to be something that can be done, but perhaps he’s going to use that extra tidbit to his advantage. He is a dealer after all, but Sam and Dean are experts at figuring out the impossible, even if it can sometimes be last minute.

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