The Tomorrow People Review: Sacrifice Runs in the Family

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Boy, there sure was a lot of heartache to be had in The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 6. Starting with Russell's father dying and ending with Darcy sacrificing herself to save her sister. 

This hour let us get to know Russell's story and I never would have thought that, under the class clown routine he has going, there was once a guy who wore suits and was forced to play piano all day.

Then again, with a background like that, it's easy to see how Russell became the guy that he is today.

Even if he hadn't been a paranormal, chances are Russell would've rebelled against his upbringing, so it's only natural that he would've taken off the first chance that he got. But there was a lot more to it than that.

Russell's father wasn't so much a cruel tyrant as he was a guy who misunderstood his son's wishes and when push came to shove, he did what it took to keep his boy safe. 

Finding a New Break-Out

I loved the fact that John went along with Russell as he went back home. He provided just the right amount of support, mixed with just the right amount of butt-kicking to keep Russell going. I doubt anyone else would've been able to get Russell back home and it was clearly something he needed to do. 

The group found another paranormal, but the case was anything but routine when it turned out that Piper was Darcy's sister. John of course wanted them to meet and Cara of course though it was a bad idea and, of course, Cara was right. It was noble to Darcy to give up her life for Piper but let's not forget that her sacrifice wouldn't have been necessary in the first place had Darcy not called Ultra on her own sister. 

Stephen and Cara had a lot of interesting moments in this one and I'm still trying to decide exactly how I feel about them. I've made no bones about the fact that I am deeply in love with like John, so of course I was taken aback by all the kissing when they were trying to evade Ultra. 

I could've written that off as a one-time thing, except they kept getting closer as they spent more time together - sharing stories and flirting. Cara and Stephen definitely have shared a bond since they first met and by the end of the episode, they had decided to stop fighting it and just gave in to their feelings. 

One thing's for sure after that last scene, Stephen isn't a "televirgin" anymore. 

With Cara and John going through their troubles and Cara and Stephen feeling a connection, I guess it was a natural progression that they would end up sleeping together. But since Cara and John never actually broke up, it still counts as cheating and I'm sure John will be less-than-pleased when he finds out. 

It's funny that Cara kept telling John that she wasn't bothered by the fact that he could kill, but more about the fact that he was keeping secrets. I wonder, when John returns, will she be ready to tell her secret?

My favorite bits:

  • Russell and Stephen getting their butts kicked by the she-ninja. 
  • Stephen calling Cara out on doing whatever John said, even when he wasn't around. 
  • John asking Russell why they were going to the funeral if his dad was such a tyrant. 
  • Stephen finding a unique way to stay hidden from Ultra. A way that involved their lips and a fair bit of tongue. 
  • Russell talking about the big guy's stink breath. Oh yes, there was no doubt that was going to start a bar brawl. 
  • The above mentioned bar brawl. 
  • The whole stripper name conversation Cara and Stephen had on the subway. 
  • Finding out that Cara had only ever been with John. 
  • The "televirgin" conversation.
  • Russell's father enduring torture to keep his son safe. 
  • Piper and Darcy's reunion. You know, before all the shooting and the dying. 
  • Russell playing for his father one last time.
  • Cara pretending that she forgot she and John made out.

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